Non-Toxic Rodent Management

Snap traps:

  • T-Rex, snap-E traps, snap traps should be placed in rodent pathways and along their runs.
  • Common attractants include peanut butter, chocolate frosting, and nutella
  • When there is a damage of children and pets getting harmed by traps, they should be placed inside a tamper resistant bait station.
  • Rodent pheromones left in and around a trap will help attract other rodents to the trap (Provoke)

Mechanical Traps

  • Identify active runways and place the mechanical traps in dark areas, along walls and behind objects (Proketch and Ketchall)
  • Ideal placements in commercial facilities are along both sides of interior and exterior doorways
  • For fast and easy removal use a glue board in conjunction with mechanical rodent traps (Catchmaster 72MB’s)


  • Can be used to monitor the presence of rodents and also insects
  • Place glue boards in rodents active pathways
  • Keep glue boards free of dust , debris and moisture are they will become ineffective
  • They should not be used in corners
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