New Alpine Minimum Risk Products Available from BASF and ePestSolutions

Introducing a powerful new
Reduced Risk* cockroach gel bait
with none of the Big 8 Allergens.
Alpine Cockroach Gel Bait makes it easier
than ever to show your customers you’re
controlling their roach problems and minimizing
their health and allergy risk.

With the Reduced
Risk* active ingredient dinotefuran and a
formulation free from the Big 8 Allergens,
it’s a smart choice for today’s health and
environmentally conscious customers.
Here are a few of the features that make Alpine Cockroach Gel Bait such a flexible and effective addition to your cockroach control arsenal:
and Works great with Phantom® termiticideinsecticide and Prescription Treatment® brand
Phantom® Pressurized Insecticide and Starts killing roaches within hours
 Attractive to bait-averse cockroaches
 Labeled for use in food-handling areas
Available in reservoir or piston can
Always read and follow label directions •
Termidor is not registered for termite use in New York State.
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* Dinotefuran, the nonrepellent active ingredient in Alpine Insecticides,
has been granted Reduced Risk status for public health use by the EPA.

NewReduced Risk* active ingredient dinotefuranand a formulation free from the Big 8 Allergens.  That makes it a smart choice for use withtoday’s health and environmentally conscious  customers. It is also attractive even to picky ants and works great with the products in

BASF’s SmartSolution for Ants. And that makes it a smart choice for your Smart Solution-based ant program.

Alpine Ant Gel Bait features the 






Here are a few of the features that make




Alpine Ant Gel Bait so flexible and effective:






Works great with Termidor® termiticide/Phantom® termiticide-insecticide,® brand Phantom®

Pressurized Insecticide






Low toxicity with low percent of active ingredient






Gel formulation stays moist






Can be used indoors and outdoors






Labeled for use in food-handlings

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