Control German Roaches

You: hi monica I have german roaches..does invict contain a growth inhibitor?  

You: and is it designed specifically for german roaches?

 monica: no it does not you would need to look at the gentrol aerosol or point system
 monica: Gentrol Link
 monica: Yes the invict is great for german roaches
 You: should i get the genrtol or point along with invict?

  monica: depends on how you would like to apply the aerosol can is easy to apply in cracks and crevices, plumbing penetratrations and cabinets, etc.
 monica: the point source which is still gentrol, have ampules that are activated and then placed in areas under sink etc.
 monica: But either way have the same effect
 You: i would use both the invict and gentrol at the time of application? Also would gentrol alone take care of the just concerned about cost. Which way would be the least expensive for me?  monica: It would not kill the adults but shoudl control the life cycle, but really better to get a least 1 tube of bait and gentrol, then no bait at all
 You: ok, thanks. Oh- I have to cats is it toxic to them? 

Roach Control Kit

 monica: You could get the maxforce FC or maxforce magnum is you wanted to spend less on the roach gel and get 1 little bottle of gentrol, 1 ounce mixes with water and makes gallon you can spray as you do the aerosol
 monica: Typically cats would not be interested in the roach bait, but I would make sure they could not get the the roach bait

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