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JT Eaton Gopher Bait Blocks



JT EATON™ ANSWER® For The Control Of Pocket Gophers KILLS GOPHERS #277


  • Sold West of the Mississippi only
  • Resealable 10-lb. pail
  • Packed 40 4 oz. bars per pail









    Economical 9 POUND pail

    Peanut Butter Flavor…rodents just love the flavor

    • Enough bait blocks to kill hundreds of rats and mice
    • All-Weather Bait Blox 9 lb pail

    All-Weather Blox is multi-edged, single-feeding rat and mouse bait, manufactured by a unique extrusion process that is unsurpassed in rodent acceptance and control. JT Eaton Blox’s are ideal for use in EZ-KLEEN RAT BAIT STATION and Protecta RTU MOUSE BAIT STATION.

    The active ingredient in this rat killing bait (Bromadiolone) is a single feed anticoagulant that is less toxic to non-target animals than conventional anticoagulant rat and mouse baits. Primary and secondary kill is a major concern if you have pets or wildlife that might accidentally come into contact with your rat bait or might capture a rodent that has consumed a lethal dose of rat bait.

    Rodenticides should always be located in areas where rodents will easily find the bait but out of reach of children, pets, wildlife and non-target animals.

    JT Eaton Bait Block

    Product Features:


  • Easy-to-use 2 ounce Peanut Butter or Apple Bait Block Rodenticides
  • Superior Performance as Both a Clean out and Maintenance Bait.
  • Highly Palatable to Rodents.
  • Controls Roof Rats, Norway Rats and House Mice.
  • Made with Food-Grade Ingredients Preferred By Rodents.
  • Excellent Indoors or Outdoors.
  • Includes Center Hole for Placing on Bait Holder Rods or Securing with Wire or Nails.
  • Packed in “Tamper-Evident” Freshness Pails.
  • Cost Efficient!“Freshness Protector Pails” EATON BAIT BLOCKS are now available in new heavy-duty plastic pails that protect the bait from moisture, damage during transport and any potential cross contamination.A handy “easy-carry” pails to and from the worksite and from one baiting location to another. The resealable lids assure that bait efficacy is maintained no matter how many times a pail is opened to remove bait.Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, EATON BAIT BLOCKS are still formulated with a blend of natural foods and grains that are preferred by both rats and mice. Therefore, there is no problem with bait shyness: rodents will return to the bait again and again.

    Also important to pest control operators: EATON BAIT BLOCKS are accepted for use in federally inspected food plants, and meet government labeling requirements.



  • Low Cost, High Performance
  • Higher Palatability
  • Better Acceptance, Better ResultsDo it yourself pest controlHow to kill rats and mice
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