Fly Control Recommendations for Screened Porch

We are being taken over by the flies. We can sit out on the screened porch and they will cover the screens and when we open the door they just seize the opportunity to come in. We steadily are using the spray and swatter but nothing we do seems to help. Please return my e-mail with a reply as soon as you can. Thank you.
Here are a few recommended products that will help great reduce the fly population. 
The bifen can be spread everywhere you have flies resting, fences, buildings, side of home, garage.  Should be applied every 60 days are so.  Also is a great general pest control product and can be applies to entry points, door frames, window ledges, etc.
The Fly bait stations can be placed  in a few locations with the maxforce fly bait inside you will put a road block in the fly population.
Another of our fly control solutions is Fly spot, same basically as Maxforce Fly bait, accept it has been finally ground up, will dry clear, and be applied to the screen, windows, everywhere basically.
Flies are dead withing 30 seconds, and it works.
The $11.64 is a pk that is mixed with one gallon, the image is of a larger quantity.
And there are always the good old Gold stick fly traps, had one out on patio during the week when we are not necessarily using it.  The 1 trap was sold flies, hundreds.
Please let me know if you have any questions about any these products and anything I can help you  with.
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