Fungus Gnats Driving You Crazy

Fungus Gnats driving you crazy?


Fungus gnats can drive homeowners crazy when you are trying to locate the source and breeding ground for these little pests.  This short article is a very brief guide into control of the Fungus Gnat.

Fungus gnats are flies that are generally small, dark with long thin wings and legs.  They occur at times wit h ferns, orchids and other potted plants containing high humus rich soil.  Excessive dampness can create the perfect breeding ground for the fungus gnats.  In large commercial buildings atrium can be an ongoing breeding source for fungus gnats.  Usually the plants are over watered therefore allowing the growth of fungi on which the larvae feed. 

The control of fungus gnats can be simple the breeding ground needs to be thoroughly dried, turn the soil, drain the overflow trays. 

The key to controlling all small flies such as fruit flies or phorid flies it to find all the breeding sources and correct or eliminate them. 

An aerosol such as Intruder which is a  Pyrethrin spray can be good solutions for immediate knock down of the flies and their breeding ground.  Also Phermone traps, Gold sticks can help to trap the adults.

Include catchmasters very effective multi-bait and Pheromone fly attractant.

Include catchmaster's very effective multi-bait and Pheromone fly attractant.


Outdoor control:  Can be accomplished by using Pyrethrin, Cypermethrin, Demon, and Talstar .

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