Humane Way Live Animal Traps is proud to introduce our newest addition to our animal traps:   Humane Way Live Animal Traps.  We are now offering better prices on high quality traps, folding traps and extra large size traps for all your animal control needs.  

Humane Way live animal traps give you the means to remove problems with pest critters, while maintaining safety for both you and the animals.

We invite you to try our quality live animal traps built professional tough.

Safely and

effectively capture

troublesome pests without

injury to the animal or                                              

Easy Up Giant Animal Trap

Easy Up Giant Animal Trap



  • Black powder coating. Matte finish and extra high corrosion resistance.
  • All moving parts enclosed inside to avoid accidental premature trips.
  • Double wire meshing around bait area.
  • Extra large shielded carry handle for your safety.
  • Super strong, positive door latch.
  • Extremely simple baiting and operation.
  • Made in all the popular sizes for most animals.
  • Treats the animal humanely while protecting you too.
  • Safely catch, transport and release the animal.
  • All assembled, ready for immediate use.  



Quality is guaranteed and the price is unmatched!


Easy folding trap

Easy folding trap

HUMANE WAY Live Animal Traps are proudly manufactured by DDI, Inc. Highly praised throughout the world for dependability and reliability. Designed by professional trappers, for use by all trappers. Thousands have been sold. Great for many kinds of small animals, like: raccoons, armadillos, skunks, rabbits, squirrels, cats, and even dogs. The complete line of high quality animal traps is manufactured to rigorous professional standards, while being extremely amateur friendly. Since we are the actual manufacturer, we stand behind our quality and total product integrity. And, you will find our prices to be unbeatable!  Find all the traps you need at your one stop shopping for Do it yourself pest control, animal control, and herbicides for the lawn.

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