How to Catch and Repel Opossums in Your Yard

Opossum Control

Opossums are found throughout North America and are marsupial, they typically live alone and are active at night as most of you know.

They can have litters with up to seven young and have two to three litters per year that is a lot of opossums. The young opossums will spend the first several weeks of their life in their mothers pouch, I guess they can be considered the United States Kangaroo.

The Opossum will feed mostly on fruit, grains and insects, but have not problems digging through your compost bins, garbage cans and pet food bowls. (more…)

How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat for Pillbugs in Your Yard and Home

Pillbug Control

Pillbugs and Sowbugs are isopods and have become completely adapted to terrestrial habitat. Their bodies are oval and rounded on the top and flat on the bottom. These guys have given most children hours of play time, but that does not mean we want them inside our homes. The most common Pillbug is found worldwide and they prefer moist, damp conditions which is usually under vegetation and leaf litter. Most active at night and are found to be able to burrow themselves into the soil several inches. Pillbugs are rarely a problems when it comes to plant damage, but they can become a nuisance pest when the population reaches high enough numbers and they make their way into your home. (more…)

How to Catch and Repel Rabbits in Your Yard

Rabbit Control

We all can agree that rabbits are cute and fluffy, but having the in your garden or flower beds can cause any garden loose control. Wild rabbits can cause considerable amounts of damage to your flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs, so it is important to get control of them and humanly trap and remove them from the area. (more…)

How to Catch and Repel Raccoons in Your Yard

Raccoon Control

Growing up my grandfather had a pet raccoon that he has rescued with it was a baby. Being hand feed for its early years the raccoon thought of my grandfather as someone special, maybe even the mother. We were allowed to give it an apple as a snack and watch him and his almost humans hands work the apple around in the water bowl and then slowly enjoy the treat. I thought he was cute and wanted him to come live with me, but my grandfather never let us forget that it was a wild animal and not a pet. Eventually he was set free to live back in the wild when it got old enough and that was the last of the pet raccoon. (more…)

How to Catch and Repel Skunks in Your Yard

Skunk Control

Sometimes we do not notice a skunk around the property until we smell the little fellow or we start noticing activity and presence of a skunk around your house or porch areas. Sometimes you smell the aggressively strong smell when there has been a defensive spraying or the very faint smell from the skunks simply travels and feeding in that area. Skunks can be about 16 inches long, and weigh 6-10 lbs. They are most active at night and the skunk’s main food source is meat, fish, pet food, seeds, insects, fruits and vegetables. Springtime is the time when the female will have their litters which can be 2- to 10 young in size. (more…)

How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat Wasps in Your Home and Yard

Wasp Control Solutions

When spring arrives so do all the pesky pest in our home and yard and the one I see as a huge nuisance because of its ability to deliver such a painful memory I the wasps. There are all types of different remedies to wasp stings, but no home remedy for removal. This is best to be done with professional products that are specific for use with wasp and other stinging insects.

How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat Worms in Your Yard or Garden

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Looking for ways to control and prevent worms in your garden and yard, like a professional checkout Using the right products, such as Merit and Talstar will make all the difference in the world when it comes to treating and controlling worms in your garden.


How to Fight Back and Eliminate Weeds

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I know that at least for me, weeds drive me crazy. I actually think I have one in particular that is stalking me and following me wherever I go. So if you are like me and looking for way to control weeds and not end up in a strait jacket, then you should watch this video. Knowing the correct product for your particular weed product will make keeping you wits about you easier than you think. (more…)

DIY Pest Control: 6 Reasons To Skip The Local Pest Control Company

Wasp Control Solutions

These days it seems like a person can do just about anything on their own! The Do-It-Yourself movement is always growing and encompassing more tasks. Being a home or business owner opens up all kinds of DIY opportunities in home maintenence, and that includes pest control! So go ahead and skip calling the local pest control company, because most pest management for your home and business can now be done by you. We at ePestSolutions can get you started with everything you need. (more…)