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How to get rid of these termites in your homeHow To Kill And Get Rid Of Termites

When you hear the words you have termites you usually want to start screaming, but we can help!  Epestsolutions can take the guess work out of termite control and teach you how to effectively kill and get rid of termites with the same chemicals used by professionals. We will help you take the confusion and high cost out of termite control.

How to tell if your termites are Subterranean or Drywood Termites

The larger portion of termites in the USA are Subterranean termites, accounting for 90%, drywood termites only account for 10%.  Knowing which ones you have will help you determine which products will be effective in helping you kill termites.

Living in a coastal area with high humidity you might be dealing with drywood termites.  Subterranean termites have a mud tube and need to travel from food to soil using this tube, multiple times during the day.  Drywood termites will usually be located in areas that do not have soil contact, they leave small holes and fecal pellets called frass.

How to Kill your Existing Subterranean or Drywood Termites

To be successful with your termite control and to prevent any further damage to your home or structure termite chemicals are necessary.  A liquid termiticide, such as Premise, Talstar or Termidor are ideal for drenching the area around the slab foundation to create a barrier to prevent the colony from surviving.  Bora Care  is a wood preservative product that can be used on unpainted or sealed wood that will prevent the termites from being able to ingest the wood.  Typically, the treatments are on the existing side of the termite infestation, but we do recommend that homeowners eventually treat all 4 sides to get the best protection.

Termite Baiting

Termite baiting has been proven to effectively eliminate a termite colony. We carry Firstline and Advance Termite Bait systems and all components and replacement pieces. Why rent when you can own your own monitors and service them yourself, year after year.  These termite baits have been tested by university and laboratories and are proven to kill termites and are used by professional pest control companies. 

Why not do it yourself and save thousands!  By using our professional termite control methods and systems you can effectively kill and get rid of your termite problems.

Products to kill and get rid of termites

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