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How to Get Rid of Spiders

Black Widow

House spiders belong to the comb footed spiders as do black widow spiders. Two of the more medically important types are the black widow spiders, and the brown recluse spider and its relatives. The only dangerous spiders in the northeast, however, are the very rare black widow and brown recluse spiders. Black widow spiders use their webs to ensnare their prey, which consists of flies, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, beetles, and caterpillars. Black widow spiders build webs between objects, and bites usually occur when humans come into direct contact with these webs. Black widow spiders generally live in trash, closets, attics, woodpiles, garages and other dark places. Females black widow spiders are shiny black when full grown.

Brown Recluse

Brown recluse spiders have been reported in several widely scattered sites in southern Iowa since 1969. Wolf spiders are often confused with the brown recluse, but they lack the unmistakable violin-shaped marking behind the head.Brown Recluce spiders are approximately 3/8 “ long by 3/16 “ wide, light tan to dark brown with distinctive violin shaped marking on the cephalothorax.Adult spiders are distinctively shiny and dark colored, generally black or occasionally dark brown. Brown Recluse generally occupy dark, undistrurbed sites indoors or outdoors. Indoors they are found in attics, basements, crawl spaces, cellars, closets, and duct work. Outdoors the Brown Recluse is often found in barns, rock piles, stacks of wood or piles of debris.

Eight legs

All spiders have eight legs and silk glands in the abdomen. Unlike insects, which have three main body sections and six legs, spiders have two body sections and eight legs. Tarantulas are spiders (eight legs) and all spiders have venom glands.

Wolf Spiders Egg Sacs

Since Wolf Spiders have no webs, the mothers carry their egg sacs with them. Egg sacs of large spiders may contain several hundred eggs. Wolf spiders are characterized by good vision, not capturing their prey in webs and females carrying their egg sacs with them (most do). However, the most pronounced feature of wolf spiders is that females carry their egg sacs with them.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

Applying a residual insecticide can be very effective in controlling your spider population. Products such as Cyonara 9.7 will not leave a powdery residue that can be seen on dark surfaces and has a very low odor. Demon WP or Cyper WP, which are wettable powder formulations will also work.

You will want to spray around all entry points like doors and windows, spray residual insecticide along baseboards, indoor plumbing connections, in the basements and garages, and sprayed in the upper corners where they may web. Please note you should knock down any spider webs before spraying areas with insecticide products. The Cob Webb duster head and extender poles are great options for making easy work of cob web elimination

Use Cobweb Eliminator every two-three months to prevent further cobwebs from developing.

You can use an aerosol such as D-Force HPX with a crack and crevice tip , applied along baseboards, to window and door frames, corners, pipes and other small areas where spiders may crawl. Aerosols such as D-force will help you get a residual chemical in areas that may be difficult to reach with a professional sprayer.

Applying an insecticide dust such as Drione Dust, Pyganic Dust or Delta Dust can be dusted in the attic area and would be a good measure for spider control if there is an infestation. Using a duster for the attic area would make the job easier, Bellow Duster is a good choice.

ePestSolutions will help you get rid of your spider problems once and for all. With professional pest control products at your finger tips, we can help you do it like a pro.

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