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Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator Concentrate - 1 Pint

    Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator Concentrate - 1 Pint

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    • The only IGR (insect growth regulators) labeled for use as a spot and crack-and-crevice treatment in all areas of food handling establishments
    • Controls roaches, drain and fruit flies and stored product pest populations better than other insect growth regulators.
    • 1 pint
    • Makes 16 GALLONS (enough to last a home owner several years)
    • Gentrol IGR Concentrate travels deep into wall cavities, cracks and crevices, reaching the stored product pests that other treatments miss. Hydroprene, the active ingredient, prevents stored product pest larvae from progressing to the pupal stage of development, so the larvae die before they become breeding adults and future infestations.

    Target Pests


    Cigarette and Drugstore Beetles


    Flour Beetles

    Food Infesting Beetles

    Food-infesting Moths

    Grain Borers

    Indian Meal Moth

    Miscellaneous Cockroaches

    Miscellaneous Food Infesting Moths

    Miscellaneous Food-infesting Beetles


    Rice Moth

    Sawtoothed and Merchant Grain Beetles

    Warehouse Beetle or Trogoderma Beetles

    How insect Growth Regulators Work

    Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) are used on insects that go through either a Complete or a Simple life cycle. Their effect differs slightly depending on which pest you expose to them, but in all cases the IGR is a juvenile hormone and it is chemically identical to natural chemicals in the body of the immature insect. These chemicals are there to suppress the adult characteristics long enough for the larva or the nymph to grow through its appropriate stages before the adult characters start to show up.

    The effect of an IGR on insects with complete life cycles (fleas, mosquitoes) is to prevent their ability to become adult insects, and they die in the pupa stage. This is fabulous, because these early stages don't bother us, and we prevent the biting stage from even occurring. For insects with Simple life cycles (cockroaches) the IGR prevents the formation of the reproductive organs (the adult characteristic not present in the nymphs), and the nymph does become an adult insect but is permanently sterilized and cannot breed. In a normal development the juvenile hormone present in the early stage of the insect disipates and is present in lower and lower quantities as the insect develops, ultimately allowing the adult insect to form correctly without the suppression the hormone causes. If we apply an IGR to the environment of the larvae or nymphs we are essentially FLOODING and OVERWHELMING them with this hormone, and they cannot get rid of enough to grow properly into the adult stage.

    So, an IGR like Archer or Gentrol does NOT kill a cockroach, and in fact may even allow it to live a little longer than usual. However, it prevents the roaches from producing more of their kind, ultimately leading to a collapse of that population. In addition, the wings (another adult characteristic) do not form properly, giving you the visible wrinkled wing effect you can see.

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