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Fruit Fly Control Products

Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit fly problems are common in homes as well as in commercial food establishments, such as restaurants and cafeterias. Killing fruit flies and preventing future appearances is achieved by eliminating breeding sources as well as applying pest control chemicals. The presence of fruit flies indicates moisture and fermenting matter. Eggs are only laid where both of these criteria exist, and usually are relatively easy to identify as a source due to the adult fly activity.

Common areas for infestations include drains in sinks, and floor drains in commercial places, as well as under appliances that tend to have residual moisture. Food can also accumulate in cracks, and under broken floor tiles, and attract fruit flies once they begin to break down. Cleaning is the first step in an effective plan for control, as well as trying for any moisture can dry out. Depending on the location this may not always be practical, but it is an important step in overall, long term control. Clean interiors of drains with special kits designed to easily access a floor drain, and clean under appliances and other stationery objects.

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