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Battle these Parasites with Effective Flea Treatments from E-Pest Solutions!

Flea control products are available in a wide range of options to best fit each unique situation, and to ensure limited risk for future occurrence. Even the most carefree pet owners panic at the mention of a flea. A combination of preventative measures and quick reactive treatments can effectively remove fleas from your pets and homes. At one time many of these products were only available for professional application, but many flea solutions have been approved and made available for DIY pest control. Not to mention the much lower price tag!

Controlling the Flea Population

Fleas are a type of parasite that feeds on a host source, such as animals. Commonly found on pets and wildlife, fleas multiply quickly and if left untreated can become an overwhelming issue. Fleas have a four-stage life cycle, and this impacts recommended treatment methods. Eggs are laid on pets and ultimately end up on bedding, furniture, and carpets. Adult fleas are responsible for fleabites, where developing fleas are in more of a dormant stage, feeding and ultimately transforming through into an adult. Products such as Ultracide, Precor 2000, Precor, Talstar, and Tengard can eliminate the fleas and their larvae. These flea treatments are also ideal for outdoor areas, since fleas are commonly picked up when pets are outside, and are then transported into your home. Proper flea control during high-activity months is likely to reduce the risk of infestation or re-infestation.

Alternative treatment methods for fleas include flea traps, flea baits, foggers, bug bombs, aerosols and insect growth regulators. In addition, e-Pest Solutions also offers products that can be applied onto your pets as well. Flea kits are available for convenience and can assist in easy, efficient elimination of these common household pests.

Contact an e-Pest Solutions professional to help you select a product and course of action for your flea control needs! Professional, experienced advice will provide peace of mind and the best in flea control. Click the links provided to take a look at some of the flea treatment products we offer!

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