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Flea Control Kit #4

    Flea Control Kit #4

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    Flea Control Kit #4 Flea Control Kit #4 $49.99

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    Total Price:$49.99

    Flea Control Kit # 4

    Indoor Use

    Kit Includes:

    Alpine Flea Aerosol Spray with IGR(2)

    Cimexa Dust 1lb

    Petcor Flea Spray (1)

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    Alpine Pressurized Insecticide

    Alpine pressurized insecticide is the only Reduced Risk* nonrepellent aerosol labeled for use against crawling and flying insects. There's simply no better aerosol you can choose for your residential GPC customers than Alpine pressurized insecticide.

    Introducing a Reduced Risk* nonrepellent aeorosol for ants, roaches, bed bugs and more.

    General Information

    Broad use label for inside and outside non-food handling areas.

    Broad spectrum label for use against: ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders and occasional invaders.

    Convenient, ready-to-use formulation.

    A perfect rotational partner in a nonrepellent program.

    Alpine means more than aerosol

    Alpine pressurized insecticide is part of a family of Prescription Treatment® brand Alpine® insecticides that also features Alpine ant and termite foam and Alpine dust. All three products contain the active ingredient dinotefuran, a new nonrepellent to the pest control industry that the EPA has granted reduced-risk status for public health use.

    • Treatment Technique: Crack & Crevice, Void, Directed Contact/Spot
    • Active Ingredient: 0.5% Dinotefuran
    • Insecticide Class: Nitro guandine
    • Registration: Registered in ALL states
    • Sizes Available: 20 oz
    • Packed: 12 can/case
    • All Alpine formulations contain the active ingredient dinotefuran, a new nonrepellent to the pest control industry that the EPA has granted reduced-risk status for public health use.

    Recommendations for Alpine Aerosol Insecticide

    KILLS: Ants (including foraging Carpenter, Fire, Harvester and Pharaoh Ants), Asian Lady Beetles, Bed Bugs, Booklice, Boxelder Bugs, Clover Mites, Cluster Flies, Crickets, Dermestids, Drugstore Beetles, Earwigs, Elm Leaf Beetles, Flour Beetles (Red and Confused), Fruit Flies, German Cockroaches, Grain Weevils, Indianmeal Moths, Millipedes, Phorid Flies, Pillbugs, Powder Post Beetles, Silverfish, Sowbugs, Spiders (excluding Black Widow), Springtails and Trogoderma

    FOR USE IN AND AROUND: Apartments, Campgrounds, Homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Motels, Non Food Areas (Meat Packing and Food Processing Plants, Restaurants, Supermarkets), Nursing Homes, Resorts, Schools, Transportation Equipment (Buses, Boats, Ships, Trains, Trucks, Planes†), Utilities, Warehouses, and other Commercial and Industrial Buildings

    CimeXa Insecticide Dust

    CimeXa™ Insecticide Dust is the premier industry-leading insecticide for control of bedbugs and many other pests. Its engineered silica composition achieves rapid control while remaining viable for up to ten years when undisturbed. With its broad label usage, CimeXa™ Insecticide Dust is a comprehensive asset for pest elimination to service professionals.

    • For control of bed bugs, fleas, ticks, lice, roaches, ants, firebrats, silverfish, spiders, mites and drywood termites
    • Kills bed bug adults, nymphs and nymphs hatched from dusted eggs - including pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs
    • The preferred treatment for brown recluse, yellow sac, hobo and other persistent spiders indoors
    • Labeled for treating cracks, crevices, voids, mattresses, carpets, pet rest areas, attics and many other areas
    • Odorless, non-staining desiccant structure will not absorb water vapor except in very high humidity conditions, preventing clumping and maintaining its active ability once applied
    • Easy to apply - can be used as a dust or mixed with water and sprayed
    • Low toxicity, engineered silica base exhibits exceptional absorption of water (in liquid form) and oil, which destroys the waxy cuticle of insects, resulting in rapid dehydration and death
    • Much better consistency and over three times faster compared to diatomaceous earth
    • Remains viable for up to 10 years when undisturbed
    • Should not be used in damp areas

    To treat general pests, apply at a rate of 2 oz per 100 square feet where insects have been spotted such as behind fixtures and areas with voids like closets, attics, garbage chutes and pipes.

    To eliminate bed bugs, apply at approximately 2 oz per 100 square feet or 1 quart per 250 square feet. Be sure to treat under the mattress, behind bedding, along base boards, in rugs and carpet and any other areas where there is a sign of a possible infestation.

    To kill fleas, ticks or lice, treat kennels, pet areas, cracks and crevices and any other places where pests may harbor.

    To prevent drywood termites, apply at a rate of 1 lb per 1000 square feet in attics and crawl spaces. Be sure the wood is coated and drill periodic access holes into wall and ceiling voids to inject the dust.

    Petcor Flea Spray

    Product: 1200

    Petcor Flea Spray contains Precor IGR, an insect growth regulator that targets fleas in the egg and larval stages of development. As a result, pre-adult fleas cannot produce new infestations of breeding, biting adults.

    Tips: Each bottle contains about 120 pump sprays. Use 1 to 2 pumps per pound that your pet weighs. Start at the head and work your way back to the tail rubbing it in as you go. For pets under 10 pounds, you should wet a towel or cloth and rub it in to the fur of your pet rather than spraying them directly. This product will kill adults on contact, but continues to protect by preventing flea eggs from hatching for up to 30 days. You should continue to apply as needed to kill adult fleas found on your pet

    • Applied directly to dogs, puppies, cats and kittens
    • An essential part of successful flea management
    • Allows for 5 to 10 applications on an average size dog
    • Controls fleas for 63 Days after application
    • #1 flea spray available
    • Controls fleas
    • Contains natural pyrethrins to immdeiately kill adult fleas
    • 16 oz bottle

    Petcor® Flea Spray

    Target Pest = fleas

    • Contains natural pyrethrins to immediately kill adult fleas.
    • Precor IGR, an Insect Growth Regulator that kills flea eggs for 63 days after application.
    • An effective addition to a flea control Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy.
    • Approved for use on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.
    • Convenient - after you deliver it as part of your service, customers simply apply Petcor by spraying as needed.

    How It Works The mobility of dogs and cats makes it difficult to treat all potential areas of flea infestation. So, it's important to consider a flea control formulation that goes where they do - especially one that targets pre-adult fleas, the source of reinfestations. Petcor® Flea Spray contains Precor® IGR, an Insect Growth Regulator that targets flea eggs on the animal by sterilizing them.


    FOR FLEAS A light even coverage of the hair coat will provide effective flea control. For best penetration, ruffle the coat while spraying against the natural lay of the hair. Cover animal's eyes with hand. With a firm fast stroke, spray head, ears, and chest. With cloth, rub into face around mouth, nose, and eyes. Then spray the neck, middle and hind quarters, finishing with legs and tail last. Avoid spraying rectum and genitals. Apply at the rate of 1 or 2 squeezes of the trigger sprayer per pound of body weight. For larger dogs, spray until damp, not saturated. Do not allow animals, cats in particular, to become chilled. Repeat every two months, if necessary.

    FOR TICKS Make sure spray thoroughly wets individual ticks.


    FOR FLEAS Leaving the eyes, nose, and mouth exposed, treat puppies and kittens weighing less than three pounds by wrapping the animal in a towel that has been lightly sprayed with PETCOR® Flea Spray, for 5 to 10 minutes. Or lightly spray a brush or cotton ball and work thoroughly into the hair coat. Fleas may then be removed from the coat by picking or combing. Puppies and kittens over three pounds may be treated the same as dogs and cats as described above. Repeat every two months, if necessary. Do not allow animal to become chilled. Do not use on puppies and kittens under 12 weeks of age. Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant, nursing, or animals on medication.

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