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Prevent Fall Invaders With Effective Perimeter Treatments

Fall brings not only cooler weather, but also a variety of fall invaders seeking harborage for the winter. In addition to the traditional perimeter pests such as ants, cockroaches and spiders, autumn brings a multitude of other pests such as crickets, boxelder bugs, cluster flies and multi-colored Asian lady beetles.

The key to managing these invaders is to prevent entry from the start with an effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) perimeter strategy. Non-chemical control methods provide added value and can result in additional revenue. Use the checklist at the right to help you get started.

“Timing of applications for a fall perimeter treatment is very important,” says Dr. Gary Braness, a member of Bayer’s Field Development and Technical Service Team. “Application should be made before pests become present in large numbers. Once pests have entered a structure and found suitable harborage, they are more difficult to eradicate and may emerge throughout the winter months.”

Bayer Environmental Science offers a variety of products to help create an effective barrier that controls pests before they enter a customers’ home or business.

Residual Spray Applications

Residual spray applications are often part of integrated perimeter control programs. They are cost-effective and can be applied quickly with handheld or truck-mounted spray equipment. Bayer’s Tempo® SC offer the benefits of pyrethroid technology for perimeter applications and provide fast kill, broad spectrum control and a long residual.

Tempo SC Ultra features Beta-crystal™ technology, which provides 30 to 60 percent quicker knockdown, and the product is labeled for more than 100 pests. A special manufacturing process results in a specific range of different size Beta-crystals specially designed to provide fast knockdown and long-term residual. The smaller crystals penetrate the insect cuticle quickly for fast control while the larger crystals provide extended residual effectiveness.

Suspend SC is a third-generation suspension concentrate pyrethroid and contains DeltaGard® brand deltamethrin. Unlike pyrethroids containing multiple isomers, DeltaGard is a single pure isomer, so each and every molecule of active ingredient is available for maximum killing power. It’s better control with less pesticide.

Granular Insecticide

DeltaGard G granules with deltamethrin are easily applied around structures and provide effective penetration and control of crawling pests through leaf litter and thick vegetation. The granules disperse the active ingredient when exposed to moisture, making it an ideal formulation when rain is in the forecast and your customers are concerned about liquids being washed away.

Since perimeter management is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution, keep in mind that combining bait gels and dusts with traditional sprays will often provide the most effective treatment.

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