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Eraser Foaming Weed Killer 19 oz.

    Eraser Foaming Weed Killer 19 oz.

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    Spot treatment for weeds, the easy way. No need for mixing up chemicals in your pump up sprayer to spot treat troublesome weeds. ERASER™ Foaming Weed Killer is a convenient foaming, non-selective herbicide in a readyto- use formula. The can will spray inverted with a fine stream of foam, so it is easy to see where you are spraying. And no need to bend over to get close to the weeds, just walk and spray. ERASER is excellent for driveways, patios, mulch areas, gravel beds, around trees and shrubs, or anywhere you want to target just the weeds and not the plants next to it.

    ERASER starts killing weeds and Johnson Grass on contact and down to the root. Easy to use ERASER dries quickly and is waterproof in ten minutes after application. ERASER contains glyphosate and pelargonic acid and related fatty acids, in a foam that reduces drift


    ERASER™ Foaming Weed Killer contains glyphosate to kill all types of weeds and grasses. Once glyphosate enters the plant it moves systemically to the roots to kill the weeds and grass. The foam application allows for accurate application to the weed or grass, while avoiding unwanted drift to desired plants. Weeds and grass begin to wilt within hours, yellow and are typically completely killed in 1-2 weeks.


    This product foams upon contact with the target weed to allow you to see where it was applied. The foam application eliminates drift to desired plants and allows for accurate targeting of weeds in tough to reach places. Target weeds and not flowers in areas such as flower beds and gardens. Rainproof: This product is rain or waterproof within 10 minutes after application. The rain or water will not wash away effectiveness.


    Perfect for targeting weeds in flower beds, vegetable gardens, ornamental landscapes and more. Ideal to use for edging along ornamental landscapes, driveways, walks, fences and more. Allows for spot treatment of weeds and grass found in driveways, patios, mulch, gravel, around trees/shrubs and more. Kills weeds in tough to reach places.

    Top Features

    • Convenient foam in a ready to use formula
    • Foam application allows you to see where you have sprayed.
    • Waterproof in ten minutes after application
    • Kills weeds and Johnson Grass down to the root
    • Reduces drift to desired plants and grasses
    • Contact foam product allows you to apply directly to weeds in tough places

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    HOW TO APPLY: SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE AND BEFORE EACH SPRAY. The can must be upside down to apply. Do not press the button if can is in the upright position. Hold can with arm outstretched, point at target weed (ideally 1-2 feet away from weed), spray briefly to cover the center of the weed with foam. Ensure not to overspray. Reevaluate treated weed in 4 weeks to see if killed. If not, re-apply.
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