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Earwig Control Products

Earwigs Control

earwig control, earwig pest control, earwig bait, earwig trapsThe Earwig is commonly identified by pincer-like appendages, called cerci, that are located on their backside. These are used in defensive and offensive behaviors, to hunt as well as protect a nest. A brown or black color range is typical, with a long body and flatter shape. Living outside, this pest feeds on natural material and deceased insects. An earwig infestation can be indicative of a moisture issue, as they prefer wet habitats, and will be found hiding under shelter. Outdoors, an earwig population could be easily overlooked as it will be covered in something like mulch or stone.

Gaining entry by using exposed and unprotected or untreated cracks, holes and crevices – Once inside the Earwig will change eating behaviors to fit new food sources. Active predominantly at night, indoors they seek shelter and hide in damp, dark, concealed spaces.

Treating indoors is similar to treating for cockroaches, focus on cracks and crevice areas, under furniture and cabinets, and in areas with a tendency for moisture. Being very susceptible to insecticide control products, like Suspend SC, earwig elimination should be a fairly easy task.

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