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Cockroach Control Kit with Cy-kick CS

    Cockroach Control Kit with Cy-kick CS

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    Cockroach Control Kit with Cy-kick CS Cockroach Control Kit with Cy-kick CS $75.99

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    Cockroach Control Kit

    Perfect for a small apartment

    Kit Contains:

    • Cy-kick CS
    • Invict Gold Roach Gel Bait Box (1) Contains 4 tubes
    • Plunger and tip

    Demon WP 1 pound Container Cypermethrin

    Cy-kick cs 16 ounce

    Product code: 1105

    Prescription Treatment brand Cy-Kick CS Controlled Release Cyfluthrin is the multi-use insecticide designed for professionals like yourself who want an insect control product that works just as smart as you do. It dishes out 90 days of full-throttle, broad-spectrum killing power, controlling insects inside and outside, on the toughest areas and surfaces. The difference is SmartCap microencapsulation technology that protects cyfluthrin to create a long residual and a mobile lethal dose of this broad-spectrum active ingredient that insects easily pick up. Cy-Kick CS has the high-powered performance and flexibility you need, at a competitive price. And it's much less likely to cause skin irritation than some other insect control products..


    A general surface, crack and crevice and/or spot treatment for residual and contact control of ants, carpenter ants, cockroaches, crickets, spiders and other insect pests.

    For use by commercial applicators in, on and around buildings and structures for the control of listed pests, including on lawns, ornamental trees and shrubs around residential, institutional, public, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings; and parks, recreational areas and athletic fields.

    • One of the oldest and most widely used insect repellent by pros
    • Gives up to 90 day residual and is virtually odorless
    • Can be used inside and out for ant control and also to control roaches, crickets and many other "occasional invaders"
    • You will be treating your home just like the pro's
    • Non-volatile and stable in sunlight
    • It is authorized by the USDA for use in inedible product areas in federally inspected meat, poultry and egg processing plants.
    • A gallon of finished Demon WP insecticide usually completely covers a 2,000 to 2,500 sq. foot home.
    • Makes up to 18 gallons
    • Enough to treat your house 20 times
    • Controls and Kills a variety of insects including ants, spiders, scorpions, roaches, and occasional invaders


    Cy-kick CS may be used as a crack and crevice and/or spot treatment for indoor surfaces use. Cockroaches, Spiders, Crickets, Scorpions, Silverfish, Ticks, and Firebrats

    Apply as a coarse, low pressure treatment to areas where these pests hide, such as baseboards, corners, storage areas, closets, around water pipes, doors and windows, attics and eaves, cabinets, furniture, sinks, furnaces, stoves, behind and under refrigerators, the underside of shelves, drawers, and similar areas. Pay particular attention to cracks and crevices. Also see Outdoor Surfaces Use.


    Apply to any trails, around doors and windows, and similar areas where ants (including carpenter ants) may be found. Where ants are trailing inside, apply as a residual surface treatment to active areas such as baseboards, corners, around pipes, in and behind cabinets, behind and under refrigerators, sinks, furnaces and stoves, cracks and crevices. When combining baits and residual surface insecticides, apply surface insecticides in cracks and crevices, along baseboards, and infested surfaces and outside barrier treatments. Apply perimeter barrier treatments and treat nest to prevent infestation as described in Outdoor Surfaces Use.

    Assassin Bugs, Boxelder Bugs, Sowbugs, Pillbugs, Millipedes, Elm Leaf Beetle, and Centipedes

    Apply around doors and windows and similar areas where these, or similar perimeter pests, may be found or where they may enter premises. Apply to baseboards, storage areas, and other locations.

    Apply perimeter barrier treatments to prevent infestation as described in Outdoor Surfaces Use.


    Apply with either hand-held or power application equipment as a residual spray to surfaces of buildings, porches, screens, window frames, eaves, patios, lawns, refuse dumps, garages and other similar areas where these pests are found. Also, may be used as a spot treatment in applications to lawns in landscaped areas in and around residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings, and similar areas where these insect pests are active.

    Carpenter Ants

    Apply as a coarse wet spray treatment, but avoid runoff around doors, door frames, windows and similar areas where these ants enter premises or hide.

    Fire Ants (Mounds)

    For individual fire ant mounds, apply Demon WP as a drench. Gently sprinkle a total of one gallon over the surface of mounds up to 12 inches in diameter. Use 2 gallons for larger mounds. Thoroughly wet mound and surrounding area. Treat new mounds as they appear. Pressurized sprays may disturb the ants and cause migration. If possible, applications should be made on warm days after recent rainfall. All colonies in the vicinity should be treated, including those that have not yet constructed a mound.

    Bees, Flies, Mosquitoes, and Wasps

    Apply directly to walls, window screens, and other exterior resting areas as a residual surface treatment.

    Use caution when treating nests of stinging insects as Demon WP does not provide instant knockdown. Protective equipment for the applicator may be required. For best results, treat bee, wasp and hornet nests late in the day when most insects will be present. Allow 2-3 days for colony to die.

    For mosquito control, apply as a general structural perimeter spray to landscape plantings, turf, and building foundations to control mosquitoes. Yards or other frequented areas enclosed by landscaping can benefit from the creation of a mosquito barrier to reduce invading mosquitoes by the treatment of perimeter vegetation. For best results, apply Demon WP at recommended rates in 2-5 gallons of water per 1,000 sq. ft. Higher volumes applied result in better coverage and, as a rule, will improve control. Application to vegetation away from structures may require additional applicator certification, e.g. in turf or ornamental categories. Consult your state regulatory agency for requirements. Not for use in wide area mosquito abatement programs.

    Fleas and Ticks

    To control nuisance fleas and ticks (e.g. dog ticks) apply to yards, runs, and other outside areas where pets may frequent. To control ticks, apply using a coarse fan spray to vegetation brush, branches, rock walls, and other areas near habitation where ticks may harbor or frequent. Treat entire area rather than making spot treatments, and retreat as necessary to maintain control. Do not apply to pasture or cropland, and do not allow animals and people access to treated areas until the deposit has dried.

    Applications can begin in the spring and can continue until frost to control both larvae and adult ticks.

    Cluster Flies

    Make exterior treatments in late summer or early fall before flies are observed alighting on surfaces.

    Apply thoroughly on siding, under eaves, and around windows and doors, paying particular attention to south-facing surfaces. Apply just enough dilution to adequately cover the area without excessive dripping or runoff. Heavy precipitation prior to frost may require re-treatments to maintain protection. Scorpions

    Treat and remove accumulations of lumber, firewood and other materials that serve as harborage sites. Apply as a coarse spray treatment to the point of drip.

    Sod Webworms

    Apply as a spot treatment when pests first appear (do not apply as a broadcast spray). Delay watering or mowing the treated area for 12-24 hours after treatment. Use 1-5 gallons of solution per 800-1,600 sq. ft. when making application. Retreat when needed but not more than every two weeks.


    Applying a continual band of insecticide around a building foundation and around windows, doors, service line entrances, eaves, vents, and other areas can greatly reduce the potential for entry by crawling pests. To facilitate application, remove debris and leaf litter from next to the foundation, trim vegetation and branches that touch the foundation, and move or rake back rocks, deep mulch, or other potential pest harborage next to the foundation. To help prevent infestation of buildings, apply as a band to soil and vegetation 6-10 ft. wide around and adjacent to the building. Also, treat the building foundation to a height of 2-3 ft. where pests are active and may find entrance. Apply as a coarse spray treatment to thoroughly and uniformly wet the band area, using 1-5 gallons of treatment solution applied to 800-1,600 sq. ft.

    Amount of concentrate is dependent upon pest species (see pest table and comments), infestation levels, and service interval desired.

    InVict Gold Imidacloprid Roach Gel Bait

    InVict Gold
    Product Code: invict
    Cockroach gel Bait

    Great New Roach Bait

    4 tubes of 30 grams each box

    1 plunger and 1 tip included


    New InVict Gold Cockroach Gel is formulated for extremely rapid control of roaches. It utilizes a bait matrix which is very different from other available roach baits, to combat bait aversion and maximize control. Bait rotation with different formulation types is important to combat bait aversion and poor control results. InVict is extremely well accepted by both normal and bait averse roaches providing lightning fast results.

    The unparalleled palatability of Rockwell Labs bait formulations combined with the power of imidacloprid is a winning combination. The formulation is convenient to use and has excellent consistency it doesn't run in the hottest weather, yet it is still easy to dispense in cold weather.

    "NEW" InVict Gold Cockroach Gel Bait Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid ..... 2.15%

    Blazing hot knockdown speed

    Perfect for bait rotation to help prevent bait aversion

    Doesn't run in Hot weather, yet still easy to use in the cold

    Kills German roaches for indoor and outdoor use ready-to-use roach bait

    Directions For Use

    Use Sites: In and around structures, including, but not limited to, residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional, research, recreational, health care, educational, daycare, hospitality and agricultural buildings and other man-made structures, garages, transport vehicles, sewers, animal rearing and handling establishments and food handling and food processing establishments.

    Indoor Use: Results will be best if spilled food and other debris are cleaned up before applying bait.

    Apply bait in small spots about 1/4 in diameter. Bait can also be applied in thin lines if appropriate. For most infestations, applications should range from 10 to 20 spots per 100 square feet. Use the higher number of spots when infestations are heavy and/or when roaches are living primarily in wall voids or other inaccessible areas.

    Smaller, more frequent spots are better than occasional large spots.

    Look for areas, particularly cracks and crevices, where roaches may hide or enter buildings. Some of these areas include areas where baseboards are peeling away from the wall, cracks in and around equipment and appliances such as stoves, sinks, dishwashers, refrigerators and walk-in coolers, hollow table legs, areas where pipes come through walls, cracks between different construction elements, around electrical boxes, cracks around hinges, where cabinets meet walls and cracks leading into wall, ceiling or floor voids. Pay particular attention to cracks which lead into void areas, even small ones. Also specifically look for warm, moist areas. Around and under dishwashers, refrigerators, ice machines, sinks, tubs and toilets and around drain openings are particularly attractive areas for roaches. Insert the syringe tip directly into the crack and apply about 0.5g (pea size) amount of bait.

    Do not apply bait to areas that are washed down frequently, such as in cracks around the edges of food prep surfaces.

    Do not apply bait in areas where there is a risk of electrical shock. Be careful not to apply bait on hot surfaces or other areas where the temperature may exceed 130F as the bait could melt and drip. Bait placements should be in concealed, not open areas. Do not spray insecticides or other chemicals over bait placements, as this may cause roaches not to eat the bait.

    Apply bait out of reach of children and pets. Inspect bait placements periodically and reapply bait as needed. Ongoing monitoring is recommended as part of an Integrated Pest Management program.

    Food Processing and Handling Establishments, Including Federally-Inspected Food Plants: In food areas, including serving areas while the establishment is in operation, only apply bait in cracks, crevices, and other inaccessible areas, or in tamper-resistant bait stations.

    Follow above directions for crack and crevice placement. Avoid contamination of food and feedstuffs. Never apply bait directly to a surface where food is stored, prepared or served. Any bait that is left visible after treatment must be washed up.

    Outdoor Use: Apply bait on the outside surfaces of buildings and other structures, as well as in crawlspaces, attics and other voids. Porches, garages, sheds, AC units and other outbuildings, fences or walls may also need treatment. Pay particular attention to cracks where roaches may enter buildings and treat those areas. These areas include but arent limited to cracks around windows, doors, eaves and soffits, expansion joints, and areas where lines or pipes enter buildings. Under siding and molding are also attractive areas for insects to hide. Apply bait in spots or lines as indicated for indoor baiting.

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