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Controlling cockroaches in your home, business or restaurant

  • Cockroaches pose a serious threat to human health
  • They emit allergens that worsen asthma symptoms and transmit disease pathogens that cause diarrhea, typhoid fever, dysentery, and food poisoning, among other ailments
  • Cockroaches are also loathed by most people and invoke a stigma that creates the perception that infested homes or businesses are dirty and disgusting
  • This reputation can have a devastating effect on a restaurant owner’s business, an apartment manager’s occupancy rate and a homeowner’s self esteem.


Look for cockroaches, the signs they leave behind and conditions conducive for cockroach infestations. Signs of a cockroach infestation include the presence of fecal matter, egg cases, cast skins (exoskeletons), carcasses and live insects. This array of body parts and debris attracts roaches to the area. Although cockroaches will “nest” together in large numbers, they are not social insects and will cannibalize each other when food becomes scarce.

  • Cockroaches normally hide in warm, dark and hard-to-reach areas near food and water
  • They tend to be nocturnal but may be seen during the day
  • Cockroaches hide in small cracks, crevices, wall voids, furniture, electronic equipment and appliances, utility boxes, and many other places, so plan to search high and low


  • Sticky traps Trapper Max that catch cockroaches help you identify problem areas and save valuable time by allowing you to concentrate your efforts
  • A flushing agent such as Kicker® may be used to chase roaches out of hiding while inspecting
  • Maxforce® Roach Bait Stations are more than control devices; their transparent red lids allow for inspection of cockroach feeding activity

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Trapper Max for Cockroaches
Kicker Flushing Agent
Maxforce Roach Bait Stations


Maxforce Roach baits are the number one choice of professionals for controlling cockroaches.

  • They have the ability to eliminate inaccessible populations due to the exclusive Domino Effect,™ a delayed action kill that allows foraging cockroaches to take bait back to the colony — wherever it may be hidden.
  • Maxforce baits also have the advantage of being less intrusive and more convenient for customers because less advanced preparation is required before treatment, and the residual effectiveness lasts up to one year or until the bait is completely consumed.
  • Baits are also an ideal choice for sensitive areas because less pesticide is applied to the environment, compared to other formulations.
  1. Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Killer Bait Gel contains the active ingredient fipronil and is overall the most effective cockroach gel bait available. It provides the fastest and most complete control of the most finicky German cockroaches, as well as excellent control of large cockroach species. The formula is Simply Irresistible™ to cockroaches. However, Maxforce FC Magnum features an innovative ContactX™ technology that’s so powerful, cockroaches no longer need to consume the bait to die — they simply need to touch it.
  2. Maxforce Roach Bait Stations are available with the active ingredient fipronil or hydramethylnon. The station design is child resistant, making them ideal for use in sensitive areas. The easy peel-and-stick adhesive allows for easy application in out-of-the-way places, and the transparent red lid allows you to inspect the station for bait consumption and whether it needs to be replaced. The station also helps protect the bait from dust, dirt and water for superior control in harsh environments.
  3. Maxforce FC Large Roach Bait Stations contain the active ingredient fipronil in a bait station that is specially designed to control large cockroaches. Each station contains 2.75 grams of bait to accommodate the ferocious appetite of large peridomestic roaches.
  4. Maxforce Granular Insect Bait with hydramethylnon is a broad-spectrum granular bait that controls cockroaches, crickets and other pests. It can be spread over large outdoor areas, used as a perimeter treatment or applied indoors as a crack and crevice treatment.

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Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Killer Bait Gel
MaxForce Roach Bait Gel
Maxforce FC Large Roach Bait Stations
Maxforce Granular Insect Bait


Residual sprays are economical, fast-acting and easy to apply. They may be used as crack and crevice, spot or broadcast applications indoors and around the outside of structures. They are also broad-spectrum and will control a wide variety of pests including cockroaches.

  1. Tempo® SC Ultra, with more than 130,000 ßeta-Crystals™ per square inch, offers 14 times more coverage than microencapsulated products and is available in suspension concentrate and wettable powder formulations.  Labeled for use where you need it, Tempo Ultra with beta-cyfluthrin works exceptionally well on porous surfaces.
  2. Suspend® SC, with the active ingredient deltamethrin, can be used indoors as well as outdoors as a perimeter application and on turf grass and landscape ornamentals. Suspend has no odor, leaves no visible residue, doesn’t clog spray equipment, won’t be absorbed into porous surfaces and provides fast knockdown and long-term control.
  3. Kicker® or ExciteR contains 6 percent natural pyrethrum and provides very fast knockdown, improved control of pyrethroid resistant strains and excellent flushing action, making it an excellent inspection tool and tank mix product. Kicker also has a very short residual, so when used alone, it’s ideal for customers who do not want residual insecticides.

When residual control and flushing action is needed, simply mix Kicker with Tempo Ultra or Suspend SC for dual action.

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Tempo SC Ultra
Suspend SC
Kicker Flushing Agent


Insecticide dusts are effective tools that provide excellent penetration into cracks, crevices and large voids. Dust applied properly in a thin layer will deliver a long, effective residual, even on porous surfaces, and make harborages uninhabitable by cockroaches for long periods of time.

  1. DeltaDust® is 100 percent waterproof, making it an economical and efficacious way to treat cockroaches and other pests in wet areas, with a residual of up to eight months. DeltaDust is also one of the few products labeled for application directly into drains that lead to sewers, a common place to find cockroaches.
  2. Drione® is a silica-based desiccant dust with natural pyrethrum, providing quick control and a residual of up to six months without staining surfaces or emitting offensive odors. Drione dust is also a powerful flushing agent.
  3. Tempo® 1% Dust contains 1 percent cyfluthrin, is ready-to-use, has low-odor and is non-staining.

Recommended Products

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Delta Dust
Kicker Flushing Agent


A broad-spectrum granular contact insecticide is also an effective solution for wide open spaces outdoors with visible cockroach activity, as well as hard-to-reach areas at the base of thick ground cover around the perimeter of structures.

  1. DeltaGard® G with deltamethrin, features small particles that fall through mulch, leaf litter, and vegetative cover to treat hard-to-reach areas. DeltaGard has no odor and is labeled for perimeter and entire lawn treatments, offering quick, long residual control. It’s a good option when rain is expected, as water helps the product diperse and penetrate deeper.
  • Cockroaches appear flat when viewed from the side and can hide in small cracks and crevices.
  • They have long threadlike antennae that may protrude from their hiding places, allowing them to sense their surroundings while remaining hidden.
  • In addition to eyes, additional sensory organs called Cerci, which are antenna-like, protrude from the tip of the abdomen.
  • Their claw-like tarsal segments, or feet, may have sticky footpads that help them climb smooth surfaces such as glass, and many species can run very quickly when disturbed.
  • Most species have wings and don’t fly; however, some are strong fliers.  near woodpiles.


Baiting Tips

  • Maxforce Gel provides faster control than stations however, stations provide better long-term control over extended periods of time
  • Don’t spray on top of bait placements and do not place baits on freshly sprayed surfaces
  • Smaller more frequent gel bait placements typically work better than larger less frequent placements
  • The size of gel bait placements should depend upon the cockroach species and the size of the infestation.
  • Follow EPA label directions and understand that large roach species consume more bait volumes and larger bait placements should be made when populations are high
  • The Maxforce Sharpshooter extension attaches to Maxforce bait reservoirs and makes it easier to treat hard-to-reach areas
  • A plastic applicator tip is the best choice when working around electrical equipment
  • Roach gel may stain some textiles and porous surfaces. Apply gel directly into cracks, crevices and hard-to-see areas if staining may be a problem

Spraying Tips

  • Don’t flush cockroaches in commercial accounts if you don’t want customers to see them. Avoid flushing cockroaches if a customer/occupant has asthma
  • Always use a crack and crevice tip to better control crack and crevice spray applications

Dusting Tips

  • Apply dust in a very thin layer; thick piles, or clumps, will repel cockroaches
  • Fill dust applicators about half full so there is ‘head space’ in the applicator. This will allow you to better shake the contents and apply smaller amounts
  • Store dusts at a moderate temperature and avoid cold / damp conditions to prevent clumping in the applicator
  • Be careful when applying dust near electrical motors or fans that may blow the dust to non-target areas
  • Save time by dusting voids and then sealing them up

Granular Tips

  • Near porches, patios, driveways, flowers gardens, sidewalks
  • Around air conditioning units, garbage receptacles, trees and wood piles
  • To stop peridomestic cockroaches from entering a structure, apply Tempo SC Ultra or Suspend SC perimeter treatment around the structure and place Maxforce Granular Insect Bait just beyond the perimeter spray into cockroach harborages
  • Use Maxforce FC Large Roach Bait Stations outdoors for control of large peridomestic cockroaches. Place stations near air conditioning units, beneath decks or near woodpiles
  • Be careful when applying bait stations to wall paper, painted surfaces or fine wood surfaces that may become damaged when the station is removed. A thin putty knife or spatula-like tool is helpful when removing old gel and bait station placements
  • Bait stations do not adhere well to greasy, dirty or rough surfaces. Clean the surface so stations will stick or apply stations with a small spot of silicon caulk or Hercules Putty™ to help hold stations in place
  • DeltaDust is ideal for high-moisture environments and may be applied directly into drains that lead to sewers
  • Cockroaches are commonly brought into an account through incoming goods. In food storage areas, place bait stations under storage racks and to the underside of shelves.
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