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Carpenter Ant Control Kit Taurus

    Carpenter Ant Control Kit Taurus

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    Carpenter Ant Control Kit Taurus Carpenter Ant Control Kit Taurus $67.99

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    " section of this label for specific foam mixing and application instructions.

    Except for foam applications made into wall voids, application is limited to an area 1 foot out from and 1 foot up from were the ground meets the foundation. Do not exceed a maximum of 2 applications per year.

    Nests found on the ground within 1 foot of the foundation may be treated. Vegetation touching the structure may offer a route for the entry of ants into the structure without coming into contact with the treatment; therefore, remove or prune away any shrubbery, bushes, and tree branches touching the structure

    • Do not apply to applications to runoff or drip from treated surfaces.
    • Do not apply to boat houses, including their piers or pilings.
    • Do not apply within 5 feet of wells or cisterns.
    • Do not apply to French drains or other permeable drainage.
    • Doors and windows adjacent to application site must be closed during surface application.
    • Do not apply within 15 feet of bodies of fresh water; lakes, reservoirs, rivers, permanent streams, marshes, natural ponds and commercial fish ponds. A 15- foot buffer of uniform groundcover must exist between application zone and bodies of fresh water (uniform ground cover is defined as land which supports vegetation of greater than 2 inches in height throughout).
    • Do not apply within 60 feet of estuarine bodies of water. Estuarine water bodies are brackish, tidal water bodies such as bays, mouths of rivers, salt marshes and lagoons.

    Advance Carpenter Ant Bait 8 Oz.

    Advance Carpenter Ant Bait

    Product Code: 1042

    Advance Carpenter Ant Bait is the number one product specially formulated for killing carpenter ants. Carpenter Ant Bait can be used indoors and outdoors to control the ant population. This carpenter ant bait formulation provides for the carpenter ant's dietary needs while using the delayed-action insecticide Abamectin.


    KILLS: Carpenter Ants and many common varieties of household ants such as Acrobat, Argentine, Bigheaded, Crazy, Field, Fire, Harvester, Lasius, Little Black,

    Pavement, Pharaoh, Odorous House and Thief Ants.

    FOR USE IN AND AROUND: Homes, Residential Areas, Commercial and Other Structures, Non Food/Feed Areas of Commercial Buildings, Warehouses,

    Hotels, Food Storage Areas, Inedible Product Areas of Meat Packing Plants, Motels, Schools, Supermarkets, and Non-Occupied Patient Areas of Hospitals and

    Nursing Homes, Golf Courses, Parks, Lawns, and Turf.

    Advance Carpenter Ant Bait is specially formulaed to kill carpenter ants. This Ant Control product is also effective on Acrobat, Bigheaded, Pavement and other ants. Advance can be used indoors and outdoors to control the ant population. This carpenter ant bait formulation provides for the carpenter ant's dietary needs while using the delayed-action insecticide Abamectin.

    How it Works:

    Advance Carpenter Ant Bait Ant Killer can be used outdoor pest control product as a broadcast application around and close to the perimeter of the structure (8oz. per 1/2 acre), or on the interior inside wall voids or in areas where ants forage. Do not use in areas that have been treated with insecticides or sprays. This will cause the bait to be unattractive to the ants. Always read the label!

    Abamectin B1 is a GABA inhibitor that interferes with the normal functioning of an insect's nervous system and begins affecting ant populations within 24 hours. This type of insecticide allows the ants time to take the bait back to the nest where it is distributed throughout the colony. Reproduction of the colony halts once the queens have been eliminated and the workers, who carried the bait, perish.

    Advance Carpenter Ant Bait Applications Instructions:

    Get rid of Carpenter Ants with ADVANCE Carpenter Ant Bait, a ready-to-use product for controlling numerous ants both indoors and outdoors. This bait formulation combines a mixture of foods and the delayed action insecticide, Abamectin. This insecticide acts to reduce the population of worker ants and can cause an immediate halt in egg production resulting in colony elimination. Avoid use of other insecticides or sprays on or near ADVANCE.


    Broadcast Application: Use this product at a rate of 1 lb. per acre. Apply the product as uniformly as possible. Repeat application as necessary.

    Around structures: Lightly sprinkle the product evenly in a band approximately 1 - 2 feet wide around the foundation of the building. Treat visible trails with approximately 1 ounce of product. Repeat application as necessary.

    Individual Colony Treatment: Use 1.5 to 3 ounces of product per colony. Repeat application as necessary.


    Locate Ant Activity: Follow ants back to voids. Apply product to cracks and crevices or voids where ants are active. In heavily traveled sites, use up to 1.5 ounces of product. Use a large Centrobulb* puffer or other appropriate application device to place the product into crevices or voids. Repeat application as necessary. Do not use in the food/feed areas of food/feed handling establishments, restaurants or other areas where food is commercially prepared or processed. Do not use in serving areas while food is exposed or facility is in operation. Serving areas are defined as those areas where prepared foods are served such as dining rooms but excluding areas where foods may be prepared or held. Non-food areas are defined as areas such as garbage rooms, lavatories, floor drains (to sewers), entries and vestibules, offices, locker rooms, machine rooms, boiler rooms, garages, mop closets and storage (after canning or bottling). When applying this product in the home, all food processing surfaces and utensils should be covered during treatment or thoroughly washed before use. Exposed food should be covered or removed.


    For greater success we recommend using advance carpenter ant bait in conjunction with Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait to greater success of controlling your carpenter ant problem.

    Carpenter ants and many common varieties of ants such as Argentine Ants, Bigheaded, Crazy, Field, Fire Ants, Little Black, Pavement Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Odorous Ants, House and Thief Ants

    Additional Information About Controlling Ants:

    Carpenter Ants are social ants that live in colonies, primarily in wood. They hollow out wood to build their nests. Their tunneling in wood and foraging for food and water lead to their "pest" status in or around homes. Carpenter ants are an excellent indicator of moisture problems in a building, or other conditions conducive to their infestation, such as rotting wood, that need attention. Homeowners can minimize damage to their houses from carpenter ants by learning how to identify the ants, knowing their nest site preferences, and taking proper preventive and control measures.

    Restrictions: AK, MA, NY or CT

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