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Bromadiolone Rodenticide

Bromadiolone Rodenticides Products

For indoor and outdoor rodent control, Bromadiolone rodenticides are proven effective, even against resistant pests and rodents. This active ingredient can be taken in through ingestion, using rat baits. Causing a reduction in the amounts of vitamin K in the pests system, the product cause hemorrhaging and ultimately death for the target pests. Due to the fact that rats and rodents can often become quickly suspicious of new, or different food sources, this control product works slowly, so as not to cause alarm and ultimate avoidance before it can perform the control measures. Full effectiveness and rodent death may appear in as soon as a few days, or may also take up to one month for those that have ingested the baits.

Brand name products such as Contac Blox and Maki Blocks contain Bromadiolone, and should be used with bait stations to ensure full safety precautions and prevent accidental ingestion. If accidental ingestion occurs with pets, or unintended targets, seem medical assistance as there is an antidote that can be administered to counteract the effects of the poison. Follow all use and application instructions as indicated on the label, and employ for effective management of a house mouse or Norway rat infestation.

For a fully integrated rodent pest control program, combine Bromadiolone rodenticides with rodent traps and glue boards. Ensure all methods of best practices for normal exclusion processes are followed as well, to protect against a re-infestation of rodents or other insect invaders. Proper clean up procedures will be necessary, as the deceased rats will need removed to avoid odors and a secondary infestation of insects.

Looking for more rodent control options? Shop our Rat and Mouse control products for effective home do-it-yourself pest control of rats, rodents and other small animal invaders! We offer expert products and professional advice, to provide the best experience for your home pest control needs!

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