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Box Elder Bug Control Products

How to Stop Boxelder Bugs from Entering Your Home

Boxelder bug issues are atypical, in that they are not during a warm season causing issue due to increased access and heightened activity levels. A boxelder bug becomes an issue when it waits out the winter season, in a process common to insects, animals and plants called overwintering. This simply means that bugs seek sufficient shelter to last through conditions that are otherwise most likely not survivable. The Boxelder bug is one of those insects that has become quite accustomed to overwintering in buildings and homes.

Winter is when the Boxelder bug will typically become a pest. However we can reduce our chances of sharing our warm fire by taking a few easy steps before the temperature starts dropping, which signals to the Boxelder Bug to search for shelter. If we do not provide that shelter, than they won’t have a place to stay, the first step in Boxelder bug pest control.

When the nights become a little cooler in late summer, we want to start staying outside and your pest wants to move inside. The sun will heat the west and south sides of the structures so we need to think about exclusion and spraying with a good residual insecticide. The warm toasty walls will attract a lot of insects, not just the Boxelder Bug. That is the safest and most effective way to get rid of this pest for good. Although Boxelder bugs are not know to cause actual damage to structures and homes, having even a small infestation can trigger other issues, such as spiders- to arise as a result of the food source.

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