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Bee Control Products

Identifying Bee Species and Control Products

With proper information and identification, as well as professional grade products, it is possible to successfully handle bee issues with do-it-yourself pest control. Typically, Carpenter Bees and displaced Honey bees are the most common bees to cause issues in and around homes, office buildings and other structures. Identifying bee species can be helpful, as traits and behaviors can assist in proper precautions and actions being taken.

Awareness is a key preventative measure when it comes to avoiding issues with the bee population. Pay attention to high-activity spots in your yard or around your home and structures. Ground nests can pose a hazard if irritated by mowing, pets, or children- and should be treated if in an area that is frequented by foot traffic.

Nests within your home need to be address quickly, as to avoid a full-on infestation. Carpenter bees may technically be harmless, however if nesting deep enough within your structure there is potential that they can come through walls, outlets and fixtures and gain access inside you home. Noise can usually be heard inside walls if this is going to likely occur, and reactive measures can be quickly taken. Honey bees that nest in soffits or attics should be relocated.

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