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Bed Bug Control Kits

Bed Bug Control Kits

Bed Bug Kits

If you have ever had a bed bug infestation, you know how frustrating it can be to try and get them out of your house. Bed bugs are not necessarily deadly pests, but they can make life extremely difficult if you happen to have an infestation. After 1940, bed bugs were virtually eliminated from the United States. But, now they are transferred from one place to another through travelling. Between suitcases, clothes, and gifts that people take from one place to another, bed bugs can be unwanted stowaways of any step of your travel process. So, one of the best ways to prevent a bed bug infestation in your home is to make sure you store your suitcases in the basement of your home instead of underneath your bed and to wash your clothes thoroughly as soon as you get home. However, if you still manage to get an infestation, donít worry. ePestSolutions has everything you need to alleviate all of your bed bug problems, for less. Each of our kits offer come with lower prices, because as a bundle, all of our products cost less than if you purchase them separately.

One of the best ways to attack your bed bug infestation is to approach it from multiple angles. Thatís to say, use more than one extermination product to help control and eliminate your bed bug infestation. Your chances of eliminating all of the bed bugs are much more likely when you use more than one extermination product, because it will allow you to eliminate the bed bugs more thoroughly. ePestSolutions makes this as convenient as possible for you by selling complete bed bug kits. Each kit features a number of products which are made for different scenarios. There are kits for commercial settings and for home settings, and include everything from dusts to aerosol sprays. We have assembled some of the best bed bug control kits on the market; no matter what size home or commercial facility you need to treat we have a kit available. Treatment is much easier than you think, because ePestSolutions has created downloadable PDFs with instructions for using the kits.

Detecting Bed Bugs

Before you even know for sure if you have bed bugs, you need to detect them, right? Well, there is a kit to do that. Our Bed Bug Detection Kit features one blue high intensity recharable flashlight, one pair of orange filter premium goggles, one pair of needle nose forceps, three specimen 4x magnifyers, four Interception Zone Monitors, and a live hinge carrying case. All of these tools will help you ensure that you do indeed have bed bugs in your house before you begin treatment.

Choosing a Bed Bug Kit

If you have a small bed bug infestation that only extends over a couple of rooms, the bed bug kit that is best for you is Bed Bug Kit 1. This kit features 1 (16 oz) Suspend, 1 (1lb) Delta Dust and a Bellow Duster. You would take the Delta Dust and use the Bellow Duster to dust around all the cracks and crevices in your infested areaómaking sure to remove all drawers, outlet covers, and anything else that covers cracks and crevices. The Suspend should be used as a spray on the bedframe and box spring. Used together, although this is the least expensive bed bug kit, this kit is extremely effective in deterring bedbugs.

For something a little more intense, maybe for a whole apartment that has been infected with bed bugs, Bed Bug Kit 2 is heartier. Inside Bed Bug Kit 2, you will find everything that was in Bed Bug Kit 1, but also three cans of D-Force aerosol spray. D-Force is great for cracks and crevices and comes with a specialized tip which will allow you to reach places that may be traditionally hard to get to with a sprayer. It also comes with three bottles of Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator, which is used to travel deep into walls where other treatments canít get. The actual product disrupts the growth pattern of insects, and prevents larvae from hatching into adult bed bugs. This will stop the problem from growing any more than it has, and will allow you to focus on killing the mature bed bugs that are around.

If you find that the products in Bed Bug Kit 2 donít seem like they are extensive enough for the bed bug infestation you are experiencing, Bed Bug Kit 3 might be what you are looking for. This kit contains everything that was in Bed Bug Kit 2, but in a larger quantity. Now, there are six cans of D-force and four bottles of Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator, instead of merely three of each.

Bed Bug Control Kit 4 is one of the most intensive bed bug kits we have together, and is best for larger homes that have infestations in multiple rooms. It offers everything in Bed Bug Kit 3, except with the addition of a Steri-fab Spray and Sprayer. Steri-fab Spray works wonders on upholstered material that you may be hesitant to use a traditional insecticide on. Because this product is made especially for fabrics, your upholstery wonít be ruined as soon as you whip out the insecticide, and you will be able to comprehensively eliminate your bed bugs. Bed bugs dig into fabrics and make themselves right at home, so using a fabric insecticide is a valuable step in bed bug elimination.

These are our three most basic kits, but we know that these three kits donít fit all of our customerís wants and needs. So, we have many other bed bug kits, like our Green Bed Bug Control Kit. Our Green Bed Bug Kit contains only products that are considered environmentally sustainable. Many of the active ingredients in these products are essential oils instead of chemicals. They are also compliant with the National Organics Program and are extremely safe to use around family and pets, making this perfect for the environmentally conscious customer who is concerned about putting harsh chemicals in their home.

We also have created a bed bug kit for commercial buildings. We know that while bed bug infestations are common in households, they also can take hold in offices and other commercial enterprises, especially in hotels. In fact, hotels should have a bed bug kit on hand, because infestations can spread like wildfire, and it is much better to be prepared than have a hotel with an infestation. The Commercial Bed Bug Kit contains twelve cans of Bedlam Bug Spray, two packages of Delta Dust to use with the Bellow Duster, Suspend insecticide, and Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator. These products, when used in combination, will stop the bed bug problem before it spreads to all the rooms in your building.

Bed Bug Kits for New York

For residents of proud New York, there is a bed bug kit made just for you! In New York, there is a limit on the legal insecticides that you can buy. So, we have taken the time to put together a kit that is full of things you are able to purchase. The New York Bed Bug Kit contains 2 cans of Bedlam Aerosol Spray, 1 can of Sterifab (16 oz), Gentrol insect growth regulator, and 1 lb Drione Insecticide Dust with a bellow duster. These products will work harmoniously together to eliminate your bed bug nightmare.

Types of Bed Bug Kits

We know that some of our customers may want to do a more thorough bed bug treatment, or that they may think that they will need to use it again in the future. We offer our Prescriptive Bed Bug Kit, which should give you about twenty treatments. Inside this kit, you will find one bottle of Phantom Concentrate, 4 cans of Phantom Aerosol Spray, a 3 lb tub of Alpine Dust with a Bellow Duster, and a 1 gallon Vinyl Sprayer.

The MGK Control Kits that we offer contain different combinations of the products listed above in a higher quantity, and also come with an ePestSolutions sprayer. The benefit of using an MGK kit is that all of the products are green and eco-friendly, which means that they have a minimal effect on the environment. In addition, the ePestSolutions sprayer is convenient because it can be used with a variety of different insecticides, so in case you arenít battling bed bugs next time, you will still be prepared. We offer four different types of MGK Bed Bug Control kits, so you will always be sure to find exactly the kit you want.

ePestSolutions knows how difficult it is to live with a bed bug infestation, and we want to help you rid yourself of those pesky bugs. We have kits that will fit every situation because of our commitment to variety, and our quality products will get the job done and get it done right. Let us help you keep your home or business secure from the threat of bedbugs. We know that you will be happy with the products we provide, and that your home will be bed bug free from here on out.

Bed Bug Control Kits

We have assembled some of the best bed bug control kits on the market; no matter what size home or commercial facility you need to treat we have a kit available.  With easy to follow how to kill bed bugs guides available for download, doing your own bed bug treatment is easier than you may think.

ePestSolutions offers a wide variety of bed bug treatment products to control and kill bed bugs effectively. These pest control products range from bed bug sprays and dusts to bed bug traps and insect growth regulators.

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