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Bat Control Products

Bat Control Products

Bats can be relatively easy to control and remove from unwanted areas, as their populations during infestations are relatively small and breeding habits only produce one offspring. The largest concern with bat control is safety, as bats can carry and transmit the rabies virus.

Bats vary in size from roughly 4 in length, and up. Bats are nocturnal and mainly eat insects flying around at night, frequently going after the insects that are flying around the exterior lights. They have a very impressive, well-developed ultrasonic detection system, similar to very sensitive radar that helps them locate prey.

Most species of bats will migrate from the colder climate areas, but some species will hibernate or become slow and sluggish in the colder temperatures. It is not uncommon to find bats inside your home, attic, or garage during colder weather, as they seek refuge wherever possible. Empty attics can prove to be the perfect temporary location, and many never even know that bats were there until closer inspection of telltale signs that are left behind.

Bats can be prevented from entering by ensuring that access points to your home or office are secured. It is especially important to be mindful of dark areas such as cellars, basements and attics. Bats will typical enter and exit throughout their visit, and repeated sightings mean that more thorough checking needs to be done for entry points.

In addition to carrying rabies, bats can also be infested with lice, mites, fleas, and a type of bed bugs. If bats have been in and throughout your home, especially in areas that could harbor lice and fleas- Take proper care to clean and wash bedding, floors and furniture to avoid a secondary infestation.

Looking for more great information and tips for your bat problems? Check out our helpful Bat Control Guide!

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