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Havahart Traps

Havahart traps are live animal traps - they serve as a safe and humane way to get rid of unwanted pests. Havahart traps for animals come in a variety of sizes and are available in double or single door. Havahart traps for animals can be used to catch anything from a tiny mouse to a small dog. All havahart traps are constructed of sturdy wire mesh, and is galvanized for maximum resistance and corrosion. The mesh openings are smaller than that of competing traps of similar sizes. Havahart traps are usually fully assembled and ready for use, and they come in a variety of sizes suited for a variety of animals. Some havahart traps are open at both ends to give the target animals extra confidence in entering the trap.

Some of the features of havahart traps that appeal to customers are the fact that there are double and single door models to meet consumer preferences, they are fully assembled or collapsible, they have super fast spring loaded doors, it is easy to bait, set, and release and they are made of high tensile, sturdy wire mesh, steel that is reinforced for long life.

When using the havahart trap indoors, it is important to keep the following in mind. If you are catching rats in a building, place the trap along the wall by the side of a feed box, or at the entrance where animals enter the building. Rats like to keep out of sight so place the trap along the wall and lean a board or other large object against the wall over the trap to form a covered passageway. This has proven good practice.

Often a havahart trap set with a cup of fresh water balanced on the trip plate will result in many catches if reset each day. Holes in the floor or side walls may be discovered; tracks or droppings may be found, especially in rooms or buildings that are not entered daily by people. In large buildings, sheds and warehouses where fruit, vegetables and feed are sorted and there are many entrances, traps may be placed in relatively secluded places along walls, under stairs, along passageways. In these places both ends can be set and traps kept baited.

Around poultry houses or yards, underneath or along side range shelters there is practically no end to the wild and domestic animals which cause trouble - and it is important to know how to use the havahart trap outdoors. It is always good to have several havahart traps handy. This is especially true in rural areas when it is necessary to protect your property yourself.

Woodchucks or rabbits may be a bother, nibbling fruit or vegetables in gardens. If you have a fenced garden, or any fences or walls where animals are found, then set the trap with both ends open along the fence - with or without bait.

When using havahart traps, be aware of weather conditions. A trapped animal should not be left out in the elements, as they can die. Make sure you check the havahart traps frequently. Other animals besides the target animals may get caught in the trap. Havahart traps should also be washed, disinfected and rinsed after each capture.

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