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Flea Treatment

Attempting to control fleas on pets is a multi-step process. Adult fleas spend most of their time on an animal, but the flea eggs, larvae, are found in abundance in the surrounding environment such as the carpets, rugs, bedding and grass. For every flea you see on your pet, there are likely to be hundreds of eggs and larvae in your home and yard. Therefore a truly effective flea treatment program always includes treating the environment as well as your pet. The steps involved in effective flea treatment are to remove the fleas from the indoor environment, remove the fleas from the outdoor environment, remove the fleas from your pets and keep the immature flees from developing.

In order to get your pet flea free, you have to give it a flea bath. Flea treatment is very successful in this way. Since most flea products are too harsh for puppies you should be extremely careful to consult your veterinarian and follow all instructions on a flea products label if your puppy has fleas. A flea bath can also give relieve from itching and irritation, however you should not stop at shampooing your pet as a flea bath does not really protect the animal after having a flea bath.

Although, it is not recommended by most veterinarians, one alternative flea treatment to keep fleas away for some time after the treatment is to use a flea dip. However with the use of flea dip also comes the possibility of the dog licking, swallowing or eating the fleas after treatment of a flea dip, since a flea dip remains on the animals coat a good long while. Alternatively, you may choose the option of a flea collar. You should keep in mind that flea collars only work in killing fleas around the face and neck of the dog, and not its whole body. You should also consider that since they hang loose from your dog's collar that flea medallions can possibly contaminate the dog's drinking water, and thereby make it ill.

There are many good choices of flea powders and sprays that you can use for flea treatment. It is important to take care and read the complete instructions for any type of flea treatment before you use it to know which is which. Remember that a flea treatment for your home is too strong to use on your pet and products that are made to put on your pet are not as strong as those you use on other objects. Also, keep in mind that it is toxic to your pet to use two or three different flea control products in your home and on your dog at the same time; you do not want to make your dog sick from chemical poisoning.

It is essential that your home is treated as well as your pet when there is an overabundance of fleas. Since flea sprays are so very strong, it is highly recommended that your animals should be outside while the house is being treated, and a good idea that you use a protective mask for clean breathing yourself while doing the spraying of your home.

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