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Flea Pest Control

Have you noticed a lot of tiny bites around your ankles or legs that itch? Most often if you can not find the source and you have not been outside to get attacked by other insects you are being attacked by fleas. There are several methods for flea pest control and you should be aware of all of them before you begin treating your home for fleas.

First to avoid a flea problem, and to maintain effective flea pest control, all together you should not allow your pet outside during the summer months or if you live in a hot climate at all unless you are there to supervise. Stay away from creeks, mud pits, other animals you are not familiar with, and tall grassy areas. Fleas like to ride around on live animals and they are most populated in forest or wetland areas that tend to be muggy.

If you do have a flea problem or are worried about fleas, you can give your pet medication as a preventative flea pest control measure. This medication is usually a drop or two on the back of their necks every few months. Some pets may be allergic to this medication so make sure the area is not beginning to lose hair. Also try not to hit the same spot each time, though their necks may be small you can move around a little bit. Following these steps will definitely help you with flea pest control.

Giving your pet a bath periodically can help keep the fleas at bay. There are also flea pest control shampoos that will allow you to de-flea your pet. There are powders and sprays you can use in the yard to prevent fleas from getting near your pets. Keep in mind your pet will need to be kept from the area for a few days so the spray can wear off without causing problems with your pet. This is an effective way of enforcing flea pest control.

If you have a flea problem in your home, you will need to keep your pet locked out while you set off bug bombs for flea pest control to eliminate the fleas in your carpet, furniture, and bedding. If at all possible wash the pets bedding as well after you use a bug bomb to rid yourself of the fleas or buy new bedding.

Fleas are parasites on warm blooded animals. The adult female flea must consume a blood meal to have the nutrients required for egg production. She may lay as many as 10,000 eggs in one big batch. The female flea dies shortly after laying her eggs. Fleas can be a serious health-related pest. Fleas are capable of transmitting several serious conditions. Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and some other lesser known conditions are directly related to flea bites - therefore the necessary flea pest control actions are needed to avoid these.

Long-term flea pest control requires excellent cooperation and communication between the pest control technician and yourself. Pesticide applications by themselves will probably not deliver a satisfactory level of control.

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