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Bird Deterrent Spikes

Birds are one of our fellow inhabitants that can literally get just about anywhere they want to by virtue of their ability to fly. While birds are harmless, and not really worth worrying about in most cases, sometimes their presence in large numbers can become dangerous and messy. Pigeons are usually the biggest culprits when it comes to being an annoyance or even a pest though lots of other birds can also become an annoyance in large enough numbers. Bird deterrent spikes are one of the many devices that man has come up with over the ages to urge birds to go roost somewhere else.

Many people are aware of the scarecrow that has been used with mixed success for centuries to protect corn from crows. In the same way that scarecrows help to keep crows out of fields, bird deterrent spikes are used to keep birds off of the faces and side of buildings and windows. In many cases the prime suspect when it comes to installing these deterrent spikes are pigeons who like to roost on the sides of buildings and on window ledges as they closely resemble the habitat of the original pigeons. The main problems with these birds roosting on buildings are twofold: in the first case the pigeons make a terrible mess on the face and side of the building and in the second case their presence can be dangerous for the birds.

Many old buildings have been defaced, as it were, by the presence of decades of pigeon droppings. On the roof, on the ground around it and on the sides of the building the pigeon droppings are everything but attractive to look at. While the mess can be cleaned up it can be dangerous for the building, especially old sandstone buildings and the like while in some cases the droppings become impossible to remove if left for too long. Bird deterrent spikes can make sure that the birds do not even attempt to sit on the building, in a humane and friendly way. The birds are discouraged from sitting on a building by virtue of the many spikes that bristle on ledges and such. With no safe place to sit, they move on.

In the second case, pigeons that roost on ledges and buildings might be sucked in by air conditioning vents or other protrusions that bristle from modern buildings. Bird deterrent spikes can keep the birds away from these dangerous areas. If they do not roost or nest near the areas the birds are much safer in general and it also reduces the chance of mechanical failure due to a buildup of nesting material and feathers.

The important thing to remember is that birds are welcome. There are just some places where it would be better for them not to be. Bird deterrent spikes are there for their safety and our benefit. They make the world a cleaner place and keep the birds away from the possibly lethal bits and pieces of human civilization.

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