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Ant Pest Control

As one of the larger animals that call this planet home, it is often easy for people to forget that they share it with some very small neighbours who are also trying to make living. That is until their attempts at making a living start to interfere with ours, of course. On top of the list of the pests that many people contend with on a daily basis is the ant. The lowly ant is but a simple insect whose sole purpose in life is to forage for food so that it can feed the nest so that the colony can expand. Ants are incredibly durable little insects and will go quite a distance to find food. All this is fine until they come into the home. Ant pest control is usually aimed at controlling the problem since eradicating it can be a real chore.

When you have an ant problem you have to find out what type of problem you are dealing with. There are two major types of ant problems: ants who enter the house from outside to look for food in the house and ants that have a nest inside the house. In the first case ant pest control is simply a matter of control. You have to make sure that your house is secure against any ant intrusions and you have to discourage return visits. In most cases eradicating the nest is not really necessary since the ants, once dissuaded, will take some time to find their way back to the home but in serious cases this may be necessary.

Ant pest control when dealing with an outside nest relies on making sure that they cannot enter your home in the first place. Make sure that all cracks and entrances to your home are sealed. Ants can squeeze through very small areas and will do so in search of food. Remove the old entry points otherwise ants will find their way back. Ants also leave a trail of pheromones when they go search and find food. Other ants follow this trail back to the source. By scrubbing the areas around the entry points and any other points in the house where ants congregate you can eliminate these trails. Residual insecticides sprayed around entry points and along these trails can also help eliminate the problem.

Ant pest control when the ants are inside the home is a little more difficult. It is important to eradicate the nest in these cases. Bait poison that the ants can carry back is the best option as this can kill the colony from the inside. Residual insecticides can also help to kill off much of the menace though it will deter them from actually returning to the nest with the bait poison. With an in-house infestation that is out of hand the best option is usually to call in a professional pest controller to take care of the problem for you.

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