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Ant Control Products

Controlling an Ant Problem

ant killer, ant bait, ant traps.Indoor and outdoor ant infestations can prove to be a frustrating, challenging pest to eradicate- but with expert advice and industry leading ant control products, DIY pest control can be effectively completed at your home or commercial building. Ants are one of the most common household pests, with over 10,000 species across the globe. Ants are social, similarly to termites, in that they live in colonies that promote population growth. In a short time period, colonies can multiply to reach the millions, and satellite colonies can begin to establish in order to accommodate, spreading the infestation issues.

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Outdoor ant infestations could potentially be an indication of indoor infestation issues in the future, and should be correctly identified and treated, especially if close to your home, garage, office building or any other indoor structure. In addition, precautions should be taken outdoors to avoid the potential for indoor issues. Ensure all breaches to the inside of the home are sealed, this means electrical and plumbing entrances, as well as attic and basement access points that may provide easy means for ants to relocate indoors. Avoid planting certain types of plants near structures, such as peonies, as they attract record numbers of the species.

Indoors, ensure surfaces, cabinets and floors are kept clean and free of ant food sources. Inspect food products and pet food products if ants are seen inside, and work diligently to identify the ant type in order to most effectively treat. Some ants can be attracted to sweet items, while others have different preferences.

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