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Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide 2.5 lbs

    Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide 2.5 lbs

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    Altosid is a larvicide that targets and kills mosquitoes in the larval stages of their development in water. Altosid larvicide contains the industry's first and last formula of (S)-Methropene an insect growth regulator (IGR). It disrupts the normal growth pattern of immature mosquitoes and prevents them from becoming breeding, biting adults that can now spread disease.

    Altosid larvicide helps you proactively prevent future mosquito in the stations, instead of merely reacting to them with an adulticide. To be effective and adulticide must be released into the environment, or mosquitoes can come in contact with it. Altosid larvicide on the other hand, works in water and affects mosquito larvae on contact or through ingestion. Altosid products are environments that a sound and have been given the mosquito control industries lowest toxicity rating. Altosid naturally degrades in the environment and will not adversely affect humans, fish, waterfowl, mammals were beneficial insects.


    Applied in hard to treat situations, Altosid 30 day Briquets can be hand applied by operators on foot or in moving vehicles, saving you time and money.

    Altosid XR-Briquets offer up 250 days of control. They require no expensive application equipment, and can be used for pretreatment before the wet season. That means you're better able to treat hard to access or outlying areas, and can eliminate the additional costs associated with travel and multiple retreatments.


    Versatile enough for any program Altosid liquid larvicide is an effective and flexible formulation that fits any mosquito control program. Altosid liquid larvicide and Altosid liquid larvicide concentrate offer superior control and a wide range of habitats and application areas, including temporary or floodwater breeding areas and irrigated cropland.

    Altosid Pro-G kills mosquitoes before they hatch and is simple and easy to use. Simply follow the directions and put the directed amount of granules in areas or in water where mosquitoes may breed. One container can treat over 5,000 square feet or up to 20,183 gallons of water. Altosid Pro-G will last up to 30 days.

    Zoecon® Altosid® Pro-G Insect Growth Regulator (Altosid® Pro-G) releases effective levels of ALTOSID® insect growth regulator for up to 30 days after application. Applications should be continued throughout the entire season to maintain adequate control. Treated larvae continue to develop normally to the pupal stage where they die.

    Apply Altosid® Pro-G uniformly and repeat application as necessary. Measure and then sprinkle the appropriate amount of Altosid® Pro-G evenly over the surface of the water to be treated in order to control mosquitoes before they become breeding, biting adults. Measure the surface area of the water and follow the table below for the appropriate amount of product to use. Emptying or discarding small containers that are holding water will ensure the best results. In instances where small containers cannot be emptied or discarded and for locations such as flower pots, old tires, urns, etc. use approximately 80 granules for every gallon of water.


    Amount of Product per Treatment Area (surface area-less than 2 ft. deep of water)=

    • 1 cup treats 2400 sq.ft.
    • 1/4 cup treats 600 sq.ft.
    • 1 tbls. treats 150 sq. ft.
    • 1/2 tbls. treats 75 sq. ft.
    • 1 tsp. treats 50 sq. ft.
    • 1/2 tsp. treats 25 sq. ft
    • 1/4 tsp. treats 13 sq. ft.

    NOTE: ALTOSID® insect growth regulator has no effect on mosquitoes which have reached the pupal or adult stage prior to treatment.

    APPLICATION TIME Apply Altosid® Pro-G at any stage of larval mosquito development. Granules may be applied prior to flooding (i.e., "pre-hatch" or "pre-flood") in areas which flood intermittently. In such areas, one application of Altosid® Pro-G can prevent adult mosquito emergence from several subsequent floodings. The actual length of control depends on the duration and frequency of flooding events.

    Along with mosquito larvicides, ePestSolutions also offers a wide range of mosquito control products such as mosquito fogger, mosquito sprayer, mosquito repellents, mosquito insecticides and many more.

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