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Advance 388B Ant Gel  30 grams

    Advance 388B Ant Gel 30 grams

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    • The first gel that attracts like a liquid.
    • Controls ants, including acrobat, allegheny, Argentine, bigheaded, cornfield, crazy, ghost, harvester,little black, odorous house, pavement, pharaoh, pyramid, whitefooted, thief and honey.
    • For use in and around commercial, industrial and residential buildings including apartments, garages, food storage areas, homes, hospitals and nursing homes, hotels, motels, office buildings, restaurants and other food handling establishments, schools, supermarkets, transportation equipment (buses, boats, ships, trains, planes), utilities and warehouses.
    • Packaged 30 gram reservoirs 4 to box
    • Tips and plunger included

    The attractiveness of a liquid

    It's well-known that ants are extremely attracted to sugary liquids. Prescription Treatment brand 388B Advance ant gel bait has a patented thickener that keeps sweet liquid attractants accessible for their consumption and to take back to the colony to recruit other workers. Once the workers have reached the colony, they feed other workers, reproductives, larvae and queen(s).

    The convenience of a gel

    PT brand 388B Advance ant gel bait attracts like a liquid, but because of its patented thickener it also has the characteristics of a gel matrix. Since ants forage vertically as well as horizontally, placing a bait other than a gel within their path can be difficult. PT brand 388B Advance ant gel bait stays where it is applied. No stations, pouring devices or level application surfaces are needed, making it convenient to use.

    Keep it simple

    Ants are constantly searching for liquids and sugars. PT brand 388B Advance ant gel bait delivers the liquids and sugars in an innovative matrix that gives them what they want. Designed to work with standard bait guns or the new PT brand 345 applicator, PT brand 388B Advance ant gel bait is easy to apply and control. PT brand 388B Advance is simply a superior ant gel bait product.

    Ant management system

    PT brand 388B ant gel bait is part of an overall Prescription Treatment ant management program that includes: PT brand Advance 375A select granular ant bait; PT brand Advance Dual Choice® ant bait station; PT brand Cy-Kick CS residual insecticide for perimeter spraying; PT brand Tri-Die and Perma-Dust for void treatments; and PT brand pressurized residuals for crack and crevice treatment.

    Best for foraging

    Although PT brand 388B Advance ant gel bait can eliminate a colony, it's best for eliminating foragers visible to customers. PT brand 388B ant gel bait is a valuable control tool both indoors and outdoors and can be used in and around food handling facilities, schools, commercial and residential buildings, and hospitals.

    Types of ants

    Most ants which have an affinity for sugar-based food consume PT brand 388B ant gel bait including Argentine, odorous house, carpenter, crazy and ghost ants making this an excellent bait for control. Other ants that readily consume PT brand 388B Advance ant gel bait are acrobat, allegheny, bigheaded, cornfield, harvester, little black, pavement, pharaoh, pyramid, whitefooted, thief and honey

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    Q: Can I use this on the mound itself? Or is it best to just use around the trails?

    A: Best to apply the Advance 388 B to the trails and where you are seeing them not the mound. Please check out the label on Advance 388B for the complete application recommendations

    Label (.pdf file)

    MSDS (.pdf file)

    How to Apply Your Advance 388B Ant Control Gel:

    Works on:

    Ants (Including, Acrobat, Allegheny, Argentine, Bigheaded, Cornfield, Crazy, Ghost, Harvester, Little Black, Odorous House, Pavement, Pharaoh, Pyramid, Whitefooted, Thief and Honey).

    Active Ingredient is Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate (Borax)

    Can be used indoors and outdoors, you may want to p air this product with Advance Dial Choice Bait Stations for a total control solution.

    Do not let the bait dry out.

    Do not apply chemicals or cleaning solutions in the areas of the bait or stations as it will create an aversion to the bait. Ants are very sensitive to chemicals and will avoid them at all cost.

    INDOOR: Apply gel indoors in areas where ants are seen, including areas behind the refrigerator, stove, around water pipes, in cracks and crevices on window and door sills. Renew bait as needed. Apply only in areas inaccessible to children and pets.

    OUTDOOR: Apply small, pea-sized bait placements where ants congregate or are seen entering the building. Bait near or in cracks, crevices or void spaces around windows, door jams and sills, eaves, patios, garages, under stairwells, and crawl spaces. Other areas where ants travel, hide or nest may also be baited (i.e. fences, trees, tree holes and around concrete slabs and asphalt covered areas). Renew bait as needed, keeping in mind that outdoor gel placements may dry more quickly than indoor placements and may have to be replaced more frequently.

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