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Suspend Polyzone 8 oz. Deltamethrin

    Suspend Polyzone 8 oz. Deltamethrin

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    The power of Suspend has now improved!

    Suspend Polyzone features a proprietary polymer layer that protects the active ingredient from weather, irrigation and mechanical abrasion. This controlled release formulation, which resists erosion, ensures your treatment will continue to control targeted pests for up to 90 days outdoors. It also stays right where you put it, so if you want to increase the effectiveness of your treatments, put the science of Suspend Polyzone to work for you.

    Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin 4.75%

    Target pests: Ants, bed bugs, boxelder bugs, brown marmorated stink bugs, carpenter ants, carpet beetles, centipedes, clothes moths, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, firebrats, fleas, flies, fruit flies, gnats, hornets, millipedes, moths, multi-colored Asian lady beetles, pillbugs, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, ticks, wasps, yellow jackets

    The only solution with a proven 90-day outdoor residual

    • Exclusive polymer technology ensures the active ingredient stays where it's applied after drying and protects it from weather, irrigation and mechanical interference
    • Remains efficacious for up to 90 days on aggressive substrates, including high alkaline surfaces such as cement
    • Polymer layer ensures more active ingredient remains available over a longer period of time
    • Longer residual means you maintain control with fewer applications
    • Better, more uniform distribution of active ingredient particles than possible with conventional SC formulations
    • Provides option to increase the interval between perimeter pest management services
    • Proven reduction in callback frequency


    Indoor applications to residential buildings and structures may only be made as a spot treatment, crack and crevice applications or void (spray, mist, foam) injections. This includes schools, factories, stores, warehouses, hospitals, food processing facilities (non food/feed areas), and modes of transportation. For a list of common facilities where this product may be used, see Appendix.

    Treat where pests have been seen or found, or can find shelter. Treat areas where pests normally feed or hide, such as baseboards, corners, around water pipes, behind and under refrigerators, cabinets, sinks and stoves. This product can be applied to walls, floors, ceilings, in and around cabinets, between, behind and beneath equipment and appliances, around floor drains, window and door frames and around plumbing, sinks and other possible pest harborage sites.

    Treat entry points around water pipes, utility penetrations, windows, doors, vents and eaves. Void applications can be made behind veneers, piers, and chimney bases, into rubble foundations, into block voids and structural voids, wall voids, under slabs, stoops, porches or to the soil in crawlspaces, and other similar voids.

    Spot treat floors, floor coverings, carpets or rugs for pest control; DO NOT treat entire floor area.


    Use this product to control outdoor pests by application as a perimeter treatment, residual spray or broadcast application to exterior surfaces of buildings, lawns, grounds and ornamental plantings.

    This product may be applied as a residual spray or as a perimeter treatment around residential and nonresidential settings.

    Residual Spray: Apply to surfaces on building exteriors, porches, patios and other structures, around door and windows, eaves and attic vents, utility entry points, soffit areas and other exterior openings (including foundation cracks or drilled holes) where pests enter the structure or where they have been seen or found, or can find shelter.

    Perimeter Treatments: Treat the outside of the structure, including walls (to a height of 2 to 3 feet), around door and window frames, and soffits where pests are active or may enter or hide. Treat the soil, turf, or other ground covering adjacent to the structure (in a band up to 10 feet wide) where pests are seen, have been found, or can find shelter. In ant management programs, apply to flower, shrub or ornamental plant beds where ants may be nesting, find food or forage.

    Suspend PolyZone

    What makes Suspend Polyzone worth the Hurray!

    The polymer in Suspend PolyZone protects deltamethrin from the degrading forces of substrates, so it is harder for porous surfaces to absorb the chemical and when that happens it becomes un-reachable by the insect. The new polymer shields the deltamethrin from surfaces that can quickly break it down, surfaces such as cement.

    What does all this mean for a homeowner or pest control professional, well you get the same great effect you always have with Deltamethrin, but with the added benefit of staying put, so that it works better and longer. Last longer, fewer applications it is a win win combination. You save money, control your pest and are friendly on the environment.

    This pyrethroid concentrate uses a polymer to deliver a 90-day outdoor residual, plus environmental and business benefits, Bayer says.

    All this science did not happen over night and took years of development to get the perfect polymer to protect the deltamethrin. Then years more in testing...we finally get Suspend Polyzone, your perfect combination.

    Bayer's Suspend PolyZone insecticide will meet all your requirements for winter maintenance perimeter applications. We do not always think about pest in the winter, but there are plenty that appreciate a warm and cozy spot the inside of your home or office. So the best time to control them is when they are still outside and spraying a perimeter pesticide, such as Suspend Polyszone can easily reduce those unwanted guest. Because it has a new proprietary Bayer polymer-infused formulation it delivers these benefits for year-round performance. You get extended residual control with a low dose application and it last 90 days on a outdoor application, costing you only a few dollars to be pest free.

    Suspend PolyZone last on average 30% longer than normal microcap formulations. Because it is designed to adhere the active ingredient Deltamethrin to the target area surfaces, it works like a charm.

    Proprietary formulation technology provides a controlled release killing zone that resists erosion. So get the protection you are looking for in the winter weather with Suspend Polyzone shield.

    Targets over 40 pest and adheres to the hardest surfaces, making Suspend Polyzone the product of choice.

    Available Options: 8 ounce, 16 ounce

    Customer Reviews

    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 (1 Reviews)
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    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Reviewer: , 12.15.2014 (lafayette, LA)
    Better than the regular!
    Have used suspend for well over 5 years for all my pest control, tried the Polyzone this year and wow, work great on my outside areas! better than I thought!

    Ask a question about this product.

    Q: What is the rate mixture for the Suspend Polyzone?

    A: For the Suspend Polyzone the median rat is 0.03% - - 0.75 fluid ounce (22.7 milliliter) per gallon. I would recommend you read and follow the label for your specific flea you are trying to control.

    Q: I have a flea problem in some outdoor kennels, will this work?

    A: Yes the Suspend Polyzone will work great for flea control in the kennel area, keep the animals out till it completely dries. You may also want to apply an insect growth regulator called Precor for added level of flea control.

    Q: Does suspend Polyzone dry clear? and does it smell?

    A: Yes the Suspend Polyzone will Dry Clear and does not have an odor, like some of the older chemicals that used to be on the market. Great new product on the market.

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