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Sonar Genesis Aquatic Herbicide Gallon

    Sonar Genesis Aquatic Herbicide Gallon

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    Sonar Genesis Aquatic Herbicide Gallon Sonar Genesis Aquatic Herbicide Gallon $343.00
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    Sonar Genesis is a selective systemic aquatic herbicide for management of freshwater aquatic vegetation in ponds, lakes, reservoirs, drainage canals and irrigation canals, including dry or de-watered areas of these sites. Sonar Genesis is absorbed from water by plant shoots and from hydrosoil by the roots of aquatic vascular plants. For in-water treatments, it is important to maintain the specified concentration of Sonar Genesis in contact with the target plants for a minimum of 45 days. Rapid water movement or any condition which results in rapid dilution of Sonar Genesis in treated water will reduce its effectiveness. In susceptible plants, Sonar Genesis inhibits the formation of carotene. In the absence of carotene, chlorophyll is rapidly degraded by sunlight. Herbicidal symptoms of Sonar Genesis appear in seven to ten days and appear as white (chlorotic) or pink growing points in many susceptible plant species. Under optimum conditions, a minimum of 30 to 90 days may be required before the desired level of aquatic plant management is achieved. Plant species susceptibility to Sonar Genesis may vary depending on time of year, stage of growth, and water movement. For best results, apply Sonar Genesis prior to initiation of weed growth or when weeds begin active growth. Application to mature target plants may require an application rate at the higher end of the specified rate range and may take longer to control.

    Sonar Genesis is the latest Sonar formulation and is designed to be an easy to apply product that lasts longer in the water column. It provides a faster knockdown on many floating and emergent weed species than other Sonar products while still maintaining the long lasting residual action Sonar is famous for. This unique formulation offers a lower cost per gallon of product plus faster clean up. One gallon of Sonar Genesis the equivalent of one pint of Sonar AS.

    Sonar aquatic herbicide is a selective, root killing, systemic herbicide that does not cause oxygen depletion. It is absorbed by leaves and stems directly from the water and by the roots from the hydrosoil. Sonar inhibits the plant's ability to produce carotene. Without this ability, chlorophyll is rapidly degraded by sunlight and the weed dies. It is extremely concentrated and a few ounces in a small pond will keep the weeds out all summer. Entire ponds should be treated at one time and it should be applied early in the season.

    Application rates and calculations of Sonar Genesis are provided to achieve a desired concentration of fluridone in parts per billion (ppb). The maximum application rate or sum of all application rates is 90 ppb in ponds and 150 ppb in lakes, reservoirs and static canals per annual growth cycle. For purposes of Sonar Genesis labeling, a pond is defined as a body of water 10 acres or less in size. A lake or reservoir is greater than 10 acres. This maximum concentration is the amount of product calculated as the target application rate, NOT determined by testing the concentration of fluridone in the treated water.

    EFFECTIVE ON: Duckweed, Most pondweeds, American Lotus, Bladderwort, Coontail, Elodea, Hydrilla, Milfoil, Spatterdock, Watershield, Water Willow, White Water Lily

    NOTES: Not recommended for spot treatment. Use early in the spring, once a year. Restrictions: CT, NY, NJ, ME, CA, OR, WA

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