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Gardner Replacement Glue Boards EL-63 (2 Pack)

    Gardner Replacement Glue Boards EL-63 (2 Pack)

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    Gardner Replacement Glue Boards EL-63 (2 Pack) Gardner Replacement Glue Boards EL-63 (2 Pack) $26.99
    Total Price:$26.99

    Optional 3" x 16" long & narrow replacement board for the GT 480 or any other light that takes the 3" x 16" replacement pad

    Replacement Glue Boards are the secret to any good fly trap. Unlike a bug zapper that electrocutes bugs, a fly trap works by drawing bugs to UV light and then trapping them on the sticky surface of a glue board. Extremely inexpensive, especially when you consider how effective they are, Replacement Glue Boards come two to a pack and are scented in either cherry, peanut butter, chocolate or unscented.

    Replacement Glue Boards Features:

    Compatible with the Slim Line Flying Insect Light Trap GT-180

    Each order includes two replacement glue boards

    Chemical-free way to kill insects

    The house fly has got to be one the most widely recognized insects on the planet. The house fly is about 1/6 to 1/4 inch in length and the female fly is usually slightly larger.

    The house fly feeds on fermenting items; fresh animal manure is considered a favorite breeding area for the house fly. Dumpsters and refuse receptacles and household garbage are also very important breeding sites. All types of flies can live and breed in large numbers in dumpsters, trash cans, recycling centers, and pretty much anywhere else.

    The house fly will pass through four stages in its life cycle: egg, larvae or maggot, pupa and adult. The femal will cluster about 20 to 50 eggs in a suitable breeding area. All in all she can lay 350 to 900 eggs over several days. The house fly female will commence to lay her eggs 4 to 12 days after emerging from the pupal case. So you can see that a fly infestation can occur vary rapidly and over a very short period of time with only 1 female.

    In the food industry it is not only important to control flies for sanitation purposes, but also for the continued survival of your business. Customers will not continue to visit and eat at an establistment with a constant fly issue.

    At ePestSolutions, we offer a full line of professional fly control supplies, fly bait, fly traps, insect growth regulators, natural fly control, fly lights, bulbs, glue-boards and insecticides for the Do It yourself Pest Control homeowner and commercial restaurant owners. These baits, liquid concentrates, wet powders and fly lights once were not available to the general public, now you can use the same products which the professional pest control technicians use at a fraction of the cost.

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