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Pay Taxes and Kill Mosquitos

Usually, people say that there are two things that every human has to do in a lifetime, pay taxes and die. If you are from south Louisiana, there is one more item that can be added to your list, deal with the mosquito. If you live in any area with high humidity and tropical climate characteristics, then you know what I am talking about. The calm and serene of any outdoor activity is always plagued by this tiny menace. We spend countless hours talking to our neighbors about them. We revel in our short reprieve of them during cold snaps. We carry mosquito repellant with us like life support. We groan and moan at the mixed blessings of warm weather because we know they’ll be back in full force. To the outsider who has never fully experienced the plague that is called, mosquito, this may seem like overkill, but if you’ve been down in the south during July and August, you are most likely raising your hands in an “AMEN!” about now. So sing it sister and tell us what to do about this devil’s creation.

Although I may now be sounding like a recording, I’m going to say it anyway, “Prevention is the key.”

The first step that you must take is to reduce the occurrence of mosquito friendly habitats. A mosquito has four life stages; egg, larva, pupae and adult. The first three of the mosquito’s life cycles occur in water. The adult stage, you already know about. Mosquitoes need water or damp marsh like areas to hatch from their eggs. Therefore it stands to reason, that in order to stop mosquitoes in your habitat, you need to limit their access to standing water. Survey your yard and nearby ditches. Are there any standing pools of water? Do you have bird baths, buckets, low lying areas, kid pools? All of these are mosquito breeding havens. Dump out and turn over anything, and I mean anything, that holds water. Fill in low lying areas in your yard that may keep standing water. Make sure you yard has the proper grade for adequate drainage. If you need to, call your local municipality if your ditches are not draining regularly to have them clear ditches and culverts of debris. How do your flower beds look? Are there areas under bushes and plants that stay moist throughout the day? Clear out any weeds or branches that are allowing this to happen. If you take all of these steps to limit the opportunity for mosquitoes to hatch in your area, you are already reducing the number of adult mosquitoes that will need to be exterminated later.

After you have taken all of these steps, if you are still having a mosquito problem, you need look into the options of a regular spraying of your yard to kill adult mosquitoes and to break the life cycle. Most do-it-yourself pest control sites, will have a mosquito control section that can outline chemical and mechanical methods at killing the adult mosquito and options for the larvae. They should list how the particular method affects the mosquito and what impact it will have on your family and your environment.

There is also the option of the Mosquito Misting System that will help you take back your back yard from those annoying mosquitoes. Any homeowner can easily install one and for a typical size back yard can be done in a early morning and you can be bug free by super time.

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