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Mosquito Misting Systems by Mistaway , Parts & Mosquito Insecticides

Mosquito Misting Systems

MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems:

Summer is a favorite season of many people across the nation for its warm weather and bright sunshine. However, there is a darker side to summer, and it comes by around dawn and dusk. If you’ve ever tried to enjoy a summer night outside with friends and family, you know exactly the pest I’m talking about: mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are little, gnat-like parasites that feed on blood. They are attracted to standing water, which is where females typically lay their eggs. Their buzzing is annoying, but what’s even worse is their bite. These bites (only distributed by female mosquitoes) leave itchy, bumpy rashes that can scab over and scar. It can be more than just annoying, though. Some species of mosquitoes can actually carry diseases, like West Nile Virus and Yellow Fever. So, it’s important to try and rid yourself of these common pests.

It seems that no matter how much energy you spend on trying to exterminate these pests, it’s to no avail. The candles, sticky sprays, tiki torches—all of them never work properly, and all you’re left with is a lot of wasted money and fresher bug bites. But, now there is an easy way to get rid of these pesky insects: say help to the MistAway Mosquito Misting System. Research has proven that misting is extremely effective at eliminating mosquito activity in the areas surrounding the mister. These systems use proven technology to eliminate the bugs around your house. They work a little bit like a sprinkler system. A main hub distributes a special blend of misting concentrate to the nozzles you place around your yard, and the nozzles spray it all around. This ensures that no mosquito will be able to fly through your yard.

MistAway began in 1999 as a company called Town and Country Mosquito Systems, and now are the leaders in their industry. Their business has grown because of MistAway’s ability to offer innovation: they are constantly trying to update and improve their mosquito misting technology and make their customer experience better. And, it’s all paid off. Almost half of the operating mosquito misting systems in the United States—which is anywhere between 50,000 and 60,000—can be claimed by MistAway. The MistAway testimonials are predominately positive, with stories of people who were previously limited in the time that they were able to spend outside, and now have found freedom and are able to enjoy their backyards for the first time in years. Their customer service representatives are knowledgeable about the products, and can help their customers get out of any situation. They also have speedy delivery and installation, which means that if your family’s big barbecue is right around the corner, you will be able to safeguard around that by installing your misting system today. Give yourself the freedom to enjoy your backyard and stay outside whenever you please by investing in a MistAway Mosquito Misting System.

Types of MistAway Systems

There are several different kinds of mistaway mosquito misting equipment you can purchase through MistAway. There are tankless options, which regularly need a replacement concentrate unit, as well as drum units that can hold either 55 or 125 gallons of concentrate. Depending on how large your property is, as well as the ferocity of the mosquito population around you, you can install anywhere from 10 to 100 nozzles to distribute misting spray. One benefit of both the mosquito misting system and the nozzles is that they can be hidden away easily. The misting system can be tucked away behind bushes, while the nozzles blend in seamlessly with flowers, fences, shrubs, and decks. These systems are all resilient, too! This means that they will last for years, with little maintenance and repairs. They take care of themselves.

The technologically advanced components to the MistAway Mosquito Misting System are impressive. First, the systems mix the concentrate and make sure that the same ratio of concentrate to water is distributed each time you use the system by continually mixing it together. Another technologically advanced component is the programming of the MistAway system. Many other systems have pre-programmed ratios that are compatible with only their products. That’s great—if you only decide to buy their products. MistAway realizes that new misting products come out every year, and that each of these new concentrates has a different ratio to the amount of water that’s needed to dilute it. So, depending on the brand of concentrate that you use, you can change the amount of water that is added to the concentrate to be misted. MistAway systems are also stocked with a responsive wind sensor that will cause the system to hibernate until the next scheduled misting. This way, if the wind is strong, all of your mist won’t end up in just one area. Additional features of the MistAway system include color coded and easy to read controllers, remote controls, leak detectors, and programs which prevent your concentrate from being siphoned when the misting system isn’t in use. The remote controls are especially convenient, since they allow you to control the misting system without stepping foot outside.

MistAway App

Perhaps the most impressive innovation that MistAway has taken advantage of is the smartphone. Now, MistAway has an app. This may seem silly—I mean, why would a mosquito misting system need an app? Well, if you are out of town and want to visit your lake house, if your lake house has a MistAway system and you have the app, you can set your beach houses’ system to “ON” so that you aren’t swarmed by mosquitoes upon arrival. Or, if you have one at home and want to come home to enjoy a drink with friends on your deck, you can use the app to turn your misting system on so that you aren’t eaten alive by mosquitoes while you’re trying to enjoy wine and mojitos. This app that allows you to control your system from your mobile phone is a huge step in customer convenience. This is just one example of the many ways in which MistAway works to make innovations that will ultimately make the lives of their customers easier. This kind of innovation is what has propelled their business forward for over 15 years, and if you invest in MistAway, it’s the kind of innovation you will be able to expect in the future.

MistAway Systems are Safe and Effective

The concentrate that is used by MistAway is a blend that kills mosquitos on contact. The active ingredient is called Permethrin, which is a man-made chemical. Its chemical composition is based off of the composition of a chemical called Pyrethrin, which can be found naturally in chrysanthemum flowers. This is an essential part of the concentrate. Mosquitoes can oftentimes build up a resistance to concentrates that are purely chemical based, but because this concentrate can be found in nature, mosquitoes will never be resistant to it. Permethrin, the man-made version of the natural chemical, is much more resilient than its natural cousin. This is an important and desirable quality in your misting spray, because you don’t want your spray to deteriorate in the sunlight when you’ve spent time and money making sure it stays around to kill mosquitoes.

Mosquito misting systems are safe for the entire family, even young children and pets. The mist is harmful, but as long as pets and children are kept inside and away from the system as it is spraying, they will be safe. Once the spray dries on the grass and area around the misting system, it’s safe for your children and pets once again. The timer on the system can be really beneficial in these situations, because you will be able to program your system to spray at times when you know your children and pets won’t be home or have no chance of coming into contact with it. The two most common times to set for the mosquito misting system is at dawn and dusk, because that is when mosquitoes are most active. And, so long as your pets and children avoid those times, they will be safe and sound.

Here at ePestSolutions, we work exclusively with MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems, because we believe in their quality products and top-notch customer service. On, you’ll be able to find MistAway Misting Systems themselves, replacement parts, nozzles, lifts, concentrate, and anything else you could need in your misting system installation and maintenance. We understand how bothersome mosquitoes and other pest insects can be. By installing a MistAway Mosquito Misting System, you’re saving you and your family headache about whether or not your children and pets should be allowed to go outside and play. By being proactive and protecting against mosquitoes, you are helping your family enjoy the backyard that you paid for when you bought your house. Click here to get started looking for your mosquito solution. We know that you won’t be disappointed with one of our resilient and high-tech misting systems, and that your family will finally be able to walk in the sun without the fear of being bit.

Mosquito Misting Systems

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