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Martins Dominion Tree & Shrub Quart

    Martins Dominion Tree & Shrub Quart

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    Dominion Tree & Shrub is a 1.47% Imidacloprid product for outdoor residential use only. Protection can not be washed off by rain or water and protects against nuisance pests for up to 12 months. Dominion Tree & Shrub is easy to use, just mix and pour and apply at the tree base. Quart treats up to 5,333 sq. ft. Martin's Dominion & Shrub is an insecticide concentrate with imidacloprid that controls aphids, grubs, mole crickets, bores, beetles, scales, whiteflies, leafhoppers and more. It may be used on flowers, lawns, ornamentals, trees, shrubs, and trees including listed nut and fruit trees providing systemic insect protection for the entire plant.

    Key Insects:

    aphids, grubs, mole crickets, borers, beetles, scales, whiteflies, leafhoppers

    Use Sites:

    soil drench, outdoors, lawn, trees, fruit trees, ornamentals, flower beds, yards, grass


    For Outdoor Residential Use Only

    • For use on lawns, flowers, trees & shrubs including listed fruit treesJust mix in water and pour around tree or shrub
    • Year-Long insect control for trees & shrubs when applied as a soil drench
    • Rainproof protection

    Foliar Applications

    Use Dominion Tree & Shrub as a foliar spray to provide contact control of larvae, nymphs or adults of the following insect pests: adelgids, aphids, Japanese beetles, lace bugs, leaf beetles (including elm leaf beetles and viburnum leaf beetles), leafhoppers (including glassy-winged sharpshooter), mealybugs, psyllids, sawfly larvae, thrips (suppression) and whiteflies.

    Application Instructions

    Apply when insects first appear and before high pest populations are established. Retreat when re-infestation occurs, when high pest pressure is observed or repeat applications on an as-needed basis with 10-14 day intervals between applications.

    How to Apply

    Foliar applications with water should be made as a thorough cover spray to provide uniform distribution. Spray to wet all foliage (leaves, stems and branches). Target the undersides of the leaves and try to penetrate dense foliage with the spray droplets.

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    Q: does this work on white flys and is it to be applyied on the roots

    A: Yes it will work on whiteflies and can be applied as a root drench and also applied directly to the plant for immediate control.

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    Very easy to apply just mix Martins Dominion Tree and Shrub with water and pour at the base of the tree or shrub. Martins Dominion Tree and Shrub can also be applied as a foliar spray.
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