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Intice Granular Bait Broad Spectrum 5lb

    Intice Granular Bait Broad Spectrum 5lb

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    Intice Granular Bait Broad Spectrum 5lb Intice Granular Bait Broad Spectrum 5lb $36.70

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    Intice granular is no longer available, please substitute with Intice 10 Perimeter Bait

    InTice Granular Bait - Broad spectrum bait for ants, roaches, crickets, silverfish and other occasional invaders. Contains proteins, oils and sweet for the best acceptance and lasts up to 90 days outdoors and a year or more indoors.
    Product Code: Intice_Bait

    Similar to Niban

    Fine is recommended for most uses, except in very wet conditions

    Orthoboric Acid, 5%

    Indoor application apply 6 oz per 100 sq ft

    InTiceTM Granular Bait is a mold and moisture resistant bait for control of a range of crawling insects. The newly expanded label now includes earwigs, sowbugs, pillbugs, centipedes and millipedes, and some additional ant and roach species, such as Asian roaches and rove ants, in addition to cockroaches, ants, crickets, mole crickets and silverfish.

    The use sites on the label have also been expanded. The highly palatable granules contain 3 proteins, 2 oils, and carbohydrate (sweet) for maximum acceptance by a wide range of crawling insects.

    With its unique formula it will remain fresh and active outdoors for up to 90 days, even after several inches of rain.

    InTice is available in coarse and fine sizes for the same cost. The fine granule is recommended for most applications as it is found to be more acceptable not only to ants, but to roaches as well.

    The coarse granule is ideal for some outdoor uses where a heavier granule may be desirable for spreading, or where rain or irrigation are excessive.

    InTice works great as a perimeter treatment or as a spot treatment for problem areas. For indoor use, InTice can be dusted into wall voids, under cupboards, appliances and in attics and basements.

    InTice is perfect for dusting attics and works better than anything else for silverfish and firebrat control. Since InTice is not affected by heat, it will last a year or more in attics and other indoor areas.

    • Broadest Spectrum
    • Longest Residual
    • Highly Palatable Bait

    Restrictions: AK

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    Q: Is this product pet safe? What if a puppy eats some of it by accident

    A: Yes it could be harmful if your pet ingested it, It meant to be used in cracks and crevices and out of the way places for indoor use. Indoor Application: Apply bait only in areas inaccessible to children and pets, or in tamper-resistant bait stations. Apply bait at a rate of 6 oz (1.25 cups) per 100 square feet. Using a hand shaker or duster, apply bait in attics, crawl spaces, trash closets, utility closets, dropped ceilings, on dirt or gravel cellar fl oors, under and behind appliances and vending machines, in wall voids and voids under and behind cabinets, sinks and tubs, in drawer wells, garbage chutes, pipe chases, elevator pits, around drains, around electrical conduits and in cracks and crevices where insects may harbor. Focus application in areas where insects or their signs are seen. Reapply bait after one week if infestation is still present. A power duster may be used to apply bait in appropriate areas, such as attics and crawlspaces. The duster manufacturer’s recommendations for settings should be followed.

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