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Indoxacarb Insecticide

Pest Control with Indoxacarb Products

DuPont products for pest control contain the active ingredient Indoxacarb. Frequently used for treating a variety of ant infestations as well as for professional grade, home cockroach control. Targeted insects are unable to receive sodium ions in nerve cells, but still allowing for the active ingredient to be transported back to ant colonies and cockroach harborages, leading to larger, more effective infestation control.

Concentrates and gels can be safely placed in required areas, where infestations have been seen. Easy application using bait stations allows for quick, easy setup in even the very tightest, hard to reach spots. Advion, DuPontís new roach gel bait, is formulated for a wide range of cockroach species in order to promote easy use and great results. Even pests that are known for being bait-averse are successfully treated and eliminated. In addition, Indoxacarb can be used to treat inside and outside for fire ant colonies. Bait stations allow for effective placement, and fire ant populations are efficiently eradicated. This non-repellent pest control product kills through ingestion, as well as secondarily functioning by being absorbed by the target pest cuticle.

Control even the toughest infestations with expert advice and confidence in great products from ePestSolutions! Practice safe, affordable home pest control and put an end to the uninvited guests in your home. Always follow recommended application and use instructions, and talk with our experts for any questions. In addition to great ant and roach control products, any pest control management plans should be coupled with best practices in securing your home to avoid entry, and also ensuring food sources are kept to a minimum.

Visit our helpful resources for additional information on exclusion, as well as for more support and information to treat and prevent roach, ant and other pest problems in your home or office today!

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