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Imidacloprid Insecticide

Control Pests with Imidacloprid

Pest control products with the active ingredient Imidacloprid are systemic, which means the insecticide is applied to a host plant, soil or seed. Plant life that is being infested and damaged by insect activity absorbs and then subsequently moves the insecticide internally, through its vascular system. Target insects then ingest the insecticide while feeding on the host plant. Imidacloprid is within a class of particular chemicals identified as neonicotinoids, which function by acting on and disrupting normal activity in the pestís central nervous system.

Imidacloprid is popular for crop pest control, and is commonly used in rice, potato, vegetable and cotton crops. In agricultural applications, it is typically used as a soil treatment or a seed treatment, and is considered particularly systemic in these applications. For home use, this active ingredient can be used to control insects in lawns, as well as for fleas, termite control and ant control. Sucking insects such as thrips, aphids and whiteflies are also commonly treated with Imidacloprid, as they feed on plants in large numbers and systemic insecticides are widely considered the most effective means of treatment.

As part of an integrated pest management program, Imidacloprid can be used to control multiple pests on your property. Several forms of pest control products, such as granules, concentrates and gel baits are available, dependent on the application needed. Read and adhere to specific application and label guidelines, as recommendations will changed dependent upon the type of pest that is being treated, as well as surrounding environments. Ensure proper exclusion best practices are followed as well, to avoid any indoor infestations by outdoor pests, driven out of their normal environments.

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