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Hydramethylnon Insecticide

Hydramethylnon for Roach and Ant Control

Hydramethylnon is an organic chemical compound that is effective as a metabolic inhibitor. Years of research demonstrates that hydramethylnon is one of the most effective active ingredients for roach and ant baits, and has shown no signs of resistance in the target pests. Maxforce gel for ants and roaches, and Maxforce baits, contain this active ingredient, shown to poison target pests after just one feeding.

The delay between ingestion and death is the opportunity for social insects, such as cockroaches and ants, to transport the pesticide, even if just by returning to their colony or hiding spot to die. Roaches will eat other dead roaches, as well as roach feces, and also ingest the poison. Ants return to their colonies with the bait, which is then eaten and regurgitated by the larvae. This byproduct still contains the poison, and is subsequently fed to the rest of the colony including the queen. This allows for the Hydramethylnon to effect populations that are not reasonably able to be accessed otherwise.

After application, activity levels in insects will not immediately cease, or slow. Ingestion does not have immediate symptoms, and instead presents a delay after a few hours, resulting in lethargy of the effected pests. Within 1-4 days any insects that ingested the poison will die. The effectiveness of this ingredient in ant and roach populations is contributed to the Hydramethylnon reacting to high activity, high energy behavior. Coupled with temperature changes during insect travel and transport of the poison, the delayed reaction ensures successful sharing and spreading among the pests.

Roach and ant infestations can quickly become overwhelming for a homeowner or business owner. Do-it-yourself pest control combines professional-grade products, and trusted expert advice to allow for successful extermination of pest problems.

For more support and information on cockroach and ant control products and best practices, visit our Expert Bug Lady!

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