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Greenhouse insecticides

Green House Insecticides

ePestSolution offers a large selection of pest control products to professional nursery and greenhouse growers. We have tried to compile a large  offering of comprehensive line of products that focus on the specific needs of ornamental growers.  Whether you are looking a specific Systemic product, miticide, or fungicide for your green house we can help you locate one.

Abamectin 0.15 EC - Broad Spectrum Ornamental Insecticide & Miticide
Reliable, long-lasting control of mites and leafminers along with suppression of whitefly, thrips and aphids on foliage plants, woody ornamentals and Christmas trees.

  • Low 12 hour REI period.
  • The “hub” product of mite and leafminer control measures in ornamentals.
  • Works through contact exposure.
  • Excellent component of beneficial release programs.
  • Outstanding plant safety record including end of crop cycles.

Formulation 0.15 lb. a.i. per gallon emulisfiable concentrate
Active Ingredient Abamectin

Insects Controlled:
European Red Mite, Two-spotted Spider Mite, Carmine Spider Mite, Southern Red Mite, Spruce Spider Mite, Cyclamen & Broad Mites, Rust and Bud Mites, Boxwood Leafminers, Liriomyza Leafminers

Insects Suppressed:
Aphids, Thrips, Whiteflies

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