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Drain and Floor Treatment

Drain Fly Control & Floor Treatment Products

Drain Fly Control and Floor Treatment Products
When you are trying to kill or control small flies in structures such as fruit flies or phorid flies, finding the breeding source is key to their elimination. Insecticides for fly control are rarely needed except for space treatment to kill remaining adult flies. The infestation will continue as long as the breeding source is not corrected or treated with a drain or floor treatment.

Phorid flies larvae survive only in moist, decaying organic matter. The first spot should be the floor drain. Fly Larvae will live in the moist film that develops on the sides of a drain and in debris that may become trapped in the drain’s edge. When you see the presence of adult flies around the inside drain this is a good indication that the flies are breeding in that particular drain. The use of a drain treatment and floor mopping agent will help eliminate and prevent any organic matter from accumulating in the floor drain.

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