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Florel Brand Plant Growth Regulator Fruit Control Gallon

    Florel Brand Plant Growth Regulator Fruit Control Gallon

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    Florel Brand Plant Growth Regulator Fruit Control Gallon Florel Brand Plant Growth Regulator Fruit Control Gallon $82.50
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    Questions & Answers on the usage of Florel® brand Growth Regulator (Liquidambar/Sweet gum) What is Florel® brand Growth Regulator?

    A contact growth regulator based on the chemical ethephon. It is widely used in agriculture as a ripening agent.

    How does it work?

    Florel® brand Growth Regulator breaks down into ethylene, a naturally occurring compound, in the plant. When a plant is under stress it produces ethylene. If the plant is in bloom at the time of excess ethylene production, the first symptom is blossom abortion. This is how Florel® brand Growth Regulator works. It causes the plant to abort its blossoms.

    When should I use Florel® brand Growth Regulator on Sweet Gum trees?

    The best time for application on any flowering plant is the mid to full bloom stage. The ideal time for spraying sweet gum is right after the tiny balls form below the catkin. After application, these tiny balls simply dry up and fall off.

    Can I spray after fruit has set?


    How much water do I use on each tree?

    The tree needs to be sprayed to wet- excessive runoff is a waste of material. The average size tree will require 5 to 20 gallons of spray for treatment.

    How many applications do I make with Florel® brand Growth Regulator?

    Only one!

    Does Florel® brand Growth Regulator have any odor?

    Florel® brand Growth Regulator is an odorless clear liquid.

    Is it necessary to cover the lawn or shrubs growing under the tree?

    No. If concerned about drift, simply rinse off plants with water.

    Should I use a surfactant?

    On evergreen trees (olives, citrus, etc.) a surfactant is not recommended. On deciduous trees a surfactant may be used.

    Does Florel® brand Growth Regulator kill bees?

    Florel® brand Growth Regulator has no insecticidal properties.

    How do I mix Florel® brand Growth Regulator?

    Mix only enough solution to supply your morning spray needs. Once mixed with water, Florel® brand Growth Regulator will start to hydrolyze. Then mix the amount you will need for afternoon spraying just before use. If the pH of the spray solution rises above pH 5 it will be ineffective.

    Will Florel® brand Growth Regulator cause corrosion to my equipment?

    No, under normal conditions Florel® brand Growth Regulator will not cause corrosion. It cleans out easily with water. The pH is 2.5 when mixed with water so it is very acidic. Therefore, do not leave in a spray tank overnight. Spray out all the material that has been mixed.

    Should I be concerned about drift when using Florel® brand Growth Regulator?

    Yes. Do not allow the material to dry on shiny, painted surfaces such as car and trucks. Florel® brand Growth Regulator does not have any effect on sidewalks, house paint, etc.

    Can I mix Florel® brand Growth Regulator with insecticides, etc.?

    Due to the acidity of the spray solution, mixing Florel® brand Growth Regulator with other materials, such as insecticide products is not recommended.

    Are there adverse effects on the leaves when Florel® brand Growth Regulator is sprayed?

    No. Florel® brand Growth Regulator works on contact only, it does not enter the tree like other growth regulators. Therefore, it will not have adverse growth effects and there is no burn (phytotoxicity) to the new leaf growth.

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    Q: I want to use a mixture of FLOREL Brand Growth Regulator and water to pour into the throats of pineapple to encourage flowering. How much Florel should I use per gallon of water? Thank you!

    A: The rate is a qt of florel to 10 gallons of water. 3.2 ounces per gallon

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