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Fipronil Insecticides

Fipronil Insecticide Products

Fipronil can be used in a variety of applications for DIY pest control as a non-repellent insecticide, effective and not detectable by target pests. Functioning by blocking chloride ions from passing through insect GABA receptors, and GLuCl- Glutamate gated Chloride channels. Essentially Fipronil disrupts the central nervous system of target pests, causing an overstimulation of the nerves and muscles. Labeled as a broad spectrum insecticide, this active ingredient can be used in long term termite control, ant treatment and roach control.

As a slow acting poison, Fipronil is great in treating social classified insects when mixed with bait. The target pests cannot detect the poison, and transport it back to their colonies before succumbing to the effects. It then acts a residual pesticide to kill remaining members of the group.

For termite control, termiticide products like Termidor and Taurus can be applied and with Fipronil as the main ingredient, and will last up to 10 years post treatment. Ant and roach treatments function in the same manner, with the undetected poison picked up, and carried back to the any colony or roach congregation. The active ingredient is combined in a bait form, and transported by the insects themselves. This is especially useful when the original colony cannot be located, and when the source of the roach infestation/harborage is not identifiable. Because of the slow reaction, the estimate population kill rate is roughly 95% in less than three days time.

Follow use and application guidelines for recommended, safe pest control. Fipronil is known to be toxic for aquatic life, and is restricted for use in and around ponds, lakes, rivers and watersheds. Home pest control is an affordable, efficient means of eliminating infestation issues, and with assistance from manufacturer and professional instruction and information, is as safe as professional application.

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