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EcoVia WD Wettable dust

    EcoVia WD Wettable dust

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    EcoVia WD is a highly effective, broad spectrum insecticide that provides extended residual protection in a versatile botanical solution. EcoVia WD is a FIFRA 25(b) exempt insecticide that was created through extensive scientific research and has been proven in the real world. EcoVia WD provides the ultimate in application flexibility with no pyrethroid or neonicotinoid application restrictions. A winning combination of efficacy and flexibility in a minimum risk product, EcoVia WD provides PMPs an Unfair Advantage.

    EcoVia WD botanical insecticide with thyme oil is a broad spectrum insecticide. This versatile and flexible product is a wettable dust that can be dusted or mixed with water as a wettable powder spray. EcoVia WD targets a wide range of insects for residual protection.

    • Research-based botanical insecticide, EPA Exempt 25(b) product
    • Versatile formula can be used directly as a dust or as a wettable powder
    • Broad label includes indoor, outdoor and livestock facilities use
    • Perfect for spraying on boat docks and other sensitive areas for spider control
    • Great for dusting attics and spraying entry points to repel occasional invaders
    • No pyrethroid or neonicotinoid use restrictions
    • NOP Compliant

    General Pests-Indoors

    Apply EcoVia WD in areas where pests travel, hide, rest or enter into structures. It may be used as a dust or applied as a low-pressure spray. Spray into cracks and crevices, in corners, storage areas, under baseboards, and around utility pipes. Spray around windows, doors under sinks, under refrigerators, etc. Repeat as needed.

    General Pests-Outdoors

    You may spray EcoVia WD to surfaces of buildings with hand or power equipment. Apply as a spray around foundations, doors, window frames, eaves, refuse dumps and other areas where pests are found. As a perimeter treatment, spray EcoVia WD as a continuous band around a building, around 6-10 feet wide adjacent to the structure. Remove or rake away debris and leaf litter to reduce harborage areas for pests. It may be dusted in cracks and crevices in the foundation as well.

    GENERAL PESTS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: Ants, Bat bugs, Bed bugs, Biting flies, Blow flies, Blue/green bottle flies, Boxelder bugs, Brown marmorated stink bugs, Carpenter ants, Carpenter bees, Carpet beetles, Cigarette beetles, Clothes moths, Cluster flies, Cockroaches, Crickets, Darkling beetles, Dermestids, Drain flies, Drugstore beetles, Dung flies, Earwigs, Face flies, Firebrats, Fleas, Flour beetles, Fruit flies, Gnats, Ground-nesting wasps and bees, Hornets, House flies, Indianmeal moths, Kudzu bugs, Lice, Midges, Millipedes, Mites, Mosquitoes, Multicolored Asian lady beetles, Sciarid flies (fungus gnats), Phorid flies, Scorpions, Silverfish, Spiders, Springtails, Stable flies, Stink bugs, Termites*, Ticks, Wasps, Western conifer seed bugs, Wood-destroying beetles, and Yellow jackets

    Restrictions: NM

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    Label (.pdf file)

    MSDS (.pdf file)

    For liquid application, place half the necessary water in the sprayer, add the desired powder, mix the solution, and finally add the other half of the water

    For dust application, just place the product in the duster and apply 2 oz. for every 100 sq. ft.

    For foam application, follow the instructions on the foamer for the correct amounts of product for your foaming needs.

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