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Cruise Control-Compare to Vanquish NOT AVAILBLE

    Cruise Control-Compare to Vanquish NOT AVAILBLE

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    For Weed Control in Corn, Sorghum, Small Grains, Pasture, Hay, Rangeland, General Farmstead (Non-Cropland), Fallow, Cotton, Sugarcane, Asparagus, Turf, and Grass Seed Crops.

    CRUISE CONTROL is recommended for use on non-cropland areas such as rights-of-way (such as roadways, rest areas, utility, railroad, highway, pipeline, and rights-of-way that run through pasture and rangeland); utility facilities (such as substations, pipelines, tank farms, pumping stations, parking and storage areas, fencerows, and non-irrigated ditch banks). Observe all precautions. Read and follow mixing and application instructions.


    CRUISE CONTROL can be used to control many broadleaf weeds on rights-of-way. This use includes applications to roadsides, roadway and highways; to areas along utilities such as cable and power lines; railroad track and embankments; highways; highway medians; bridge abutments, pipelines, and rights-of-way that run through pasture and rangeland. If applied to rights-of-way that run through pasture and rangeland, observe grazing restrictions. Use controlled application techniques that minimize the risk of off-target movement.


    CRUISE CONTROL can be used to control many broadleaf weeds and brush in noncrop areas on or surrounding substations, pipelines, tank farms, pump stations, production facilities, and bare ground situations. It may also be used on parking and storage areas (refer to Ground and Surface Water Protection section of label to avoid direct run off to surface waters). NOTE: Observe all precautions and restrictions on labels of products used in tank mixtures.


    CRUISE CONTROL can be applied using water, oil in water emulsions including invert systems, or sprayable fluid fertilizer as a carrier. A compatibility test (see COMPATIBILITY TEST section) should be made prior to tank mixing.

    To prepare oil in water emulsions, half-fill spray tank with water. Then add the appropriate amount of emulsifier with continuous agitation. Slowly add the herbicide and then the oil (such as diesel oil or fuel oil) or a premix of oil plus additional emulsifier to spray tank. Complete filling of spray tank with water. Maintain vigorous agitation during spray operation to prevent oil and water from forming separate layers.

    CRUISE CONTROL may be applied broadcast using either ground or aerial application equipment. When using ground equipment, apply 3 to 600 gallons of diluted spray per treated acre. Volume of spray applied will depend on the height, density, and type of weeds or brush being treated and on the type of equipment being used. When using aerial equipment, apply 1 to 40 gallons of diluted spray per treated acre in a water-based carrier.

    CRUISE CONTROL may be applied to individual clumps or small areas (spot treatment) of undesirable vegetation using handgun or similar types of application equipment. Apply diluted sprays to allow complete wetting (up to run-off) of foliage and stems. Herbicide adjuvants or other spray additives (emulsifiers, surfactants, wetting agents, drift control agents, or penetrants) may be used for wetting, penetration, or drift control. Spray additives must be agriculturally approved when used in pasture applications. If spray additives are used, read and follow all use recommendations and precautions on product label.


    CRUISE CONTROL, when applied at recommended rates, will give control of many annual, biennials, and perennial broadleaf weeds, and many woody brush and vine species commonly found in non-cropland.

    ePestSolutions also provides both selective herbicides and non-selective weed control products and spray additives for effective weed control.

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