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Bifen XTS Bifenthrin EC Concentrate - 1 Gallon

    Bifen XTS Bifenthrin EC Concentrate - 1 Gallon

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    Bifen XTS Bifenthrin EC Concentrate - 1 Gallon Bifen XTS Bifenthrin EC Concentrate - 1 Gallon $178.00
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    Bifen XTS Bifenthrin EC Concentrate

    New oil-based Bifen XTS with 25.1% Bifenthrin provides water resistent, long lasting residual control. Broad-label Bifen XTS is an excellent choice for PMP's and customers looking for a high performance, cost effective Bifenthrin producst for outdoor perimeter pest control, turf and ornamentals, or pre and post construction termite treatment.

    Bifenthrin 25.1 %

    Bifen XTS prevents and controls termite infestations in and around structures and construciotions and can be used in and around strucures adn building construction will prevent and control termites.

    This is a great product to use to create a barrier between the wood adn the termites in teh soil. For this particular type of application it must be dispersed into the soil.

    It is important when trying to treat and control termites to remove any unnecessary material away from the structure, that contains cellulose and wood from the foundation. Keep the crawl spaces clear also and fix any type of plumbing damage or grade issues that maybe causing a moisture problem. Treat the soil around untreated structural wood in contact with soil.

    See our Termite Control Guide for the exact application produce. Critical areas to address for termite control are any points at which the foundation is penetrated or abuts another structure ure are critical area. These would include but are not limited to bath traps, cracks and expansion joints, utility entry points, and adjacent structures such as patio, slab additions, and stairs.

    Trench and remove soil to be treated onto heavy plastic sheeting or similar material or into a wheelbarrow.

    b) Treat the soil at the rate of 4 gallons of dilute dilution per 10 linear feet per foot of depth of the trench, or 1 gallon per 1.0 cubic feet of soil. See Mixing Directions section of this label. Mix thoroughly into the soil taking care to contain the liquid and prevent runoff or spillage.

    c) After the treated soil has absorbed the diluted dilution, replace the soil into the trench.

    2. Treat infested and/or damaged wood in place using an injection technique such as described in the Control of Wood Infesting Insects section of this label.

    Mixing Directions: Mix the termiticide use dilution in the following manner: Fill tank to full. Start pump to begin bypass agitation and place end of treating tool in tank to allow circulation through hose. Add appropriate amount of Bifen XTS Add remaining amount of water. Let pump run and allow recirculation through the hose for 2 to 3 minutes.

    Bifen XTS may also be combined into full tanks of water. If combined into full tanks of water, allow sufficient time for agitation and/or recirculation to ensure consistency of the dilution.

    To prepare a 0.06% water dilution, ready to use, dilute 1 quart of Bifen XTS with 99.75 gallons of water.

    Refer to Product Label for the exact dilutions concentrations and recommendations for Bifen XTS

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    Q: i have a grasshopper infestation on my yard i have controlled them in my garden wit hi- yield brand bifenthrin with this work in my yard i water regular and what would the mix rate be. adult grasshoppers

    A: I would recommend using Talstar Bifenthrin for your lawn, less likely to burn the grass. 1 ounce per gallon will control the grasshoppers and will work great for other insects.

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